Collection: Sequin Abaya

Enjoy The Elegance With Our Sequin Abaya Dubai Collection

Shift the lights of the events on you with our sequin abaya collection. They are ideal for grand occasions. Sequin Abayas combine just the right amount of modesty with glamorous sparkle.

Look into our Sequin Abayas that come with:

  • Dazzling sequins: Sequined all over, each abaya is rich in radiant sequins, which makes it glamorous and chic.
  • Luxurious comfort: They are high-quality fabrics that are combined with flowy style so that you feel as good as you look with a mix of elegance and comfort.
  • Colors: Multiple shades are available in sequin abayas such as blue, purple, black, and latte to suit your personal style.
  • Affordable elegance: Get unsurpassed quality and luxury designs at affordable elegant prices.

Moreover, try our Kaftan abaya and Ready to Wear for more stunning options. Get your Sequin Abaya online at so that you can add a little bit of sparkle from Bousni to your home in Dubai, the UK, or anywhere.