Collection: Ready to Wear

Are you confused? Yeah, we understand how confusing last-minute invites can be. Being a woman, it can be tough to decide instantly what to wear on a particular occasion. Ladies are more careful when it comes to their styling choices. Bousni steps in to consider all your fashion worries and provides you with ready-to-wear modest clothing. It offers you high-quality outfits that you can order online and wear without any alterations. Even the last moment's plans can be fun afterward. You just need to select the modest outfit that aligns with your styling preferences and get your attire delivered to your doorstep.

Bousni best-selling ready-to-wear

Undoubtedly, all our designs are the epitome of elegance, best designed, and modest style but some are the best. To get yourself the perfect ready-to-wear clothing, must go through the best-selling ready to wear dresses by Bousni. Here are some designs that stand out and will be the best fit for you on any occasion.

Ready to wear dresses by color

Bousni is good at understanding fashion. It offers you amazing and luxurious designs for your modest clothing in various colors. It incorporates patterns into premium fabric in vibrant colors getting masterpieces ready for you. You can now enjoy styles in different colors that Bousni has bought you. It includes

  • ·   Black
  • ·   Grey
  • ·   Green
  • ·   Fawn
  • ·   Brown
  • ·   White
  • ·   Red
  • ·   Dual shaded

Ready to wear dresses by Size

Not only thoughtful about the designs and colors, but Bousni also critically considered various fittings so that women regardless of their size can enjoy modest fashion. We had many standard sizes available in our ready-to-wear clothing section. You no longer have to be concerned about size, it’s time to get yourself an appropriate modest wear that fits you well. Sizes available at Bousni include

  • ·   Extra Small (XS)
  • ·   Small (S)
  • ·   Medium (M)
  • ·   Large (L)
  • ·   Extra Large (XL)
  • ·   Double big and extra-long (2XL)
  • ·   Triple Extra Large (3XL)
  • ·   Standard fitting but Times 4 (4XL)

Filter and Sorting Options

To make the site more user-friendly for you, we had a filter and sorting option. The filter option lets you choose the best ready-to-wear clothing for you from our amazing collection based on prices, availability, product type, and size. In addition, if you want to check our best-selling ready to wear dresses, you can sort it through by sorting options. It allows you to sort on another basis too such as prices and dates.

Other modest wear

Being a limitless brand, we cater to modest fashion as a whole. We had a wide collection of modest wear other than ready-to-wear. If you are a fashion enthusiast hunting for modest fashion, Bousni covers you all. You can now get modest clothing along with coordinating hijabs and jewelry to style modestly at a single spot.


Bousni offers an elegant collection of abayas in various colors and designs. You can enjoy any occasion in modesty with the unique pieces of abayas at Bousni tailored to trendy and traditional fashion needs.

Breezy Summer Abaya

Summer can be problematic at times with inappropriate clothing choices. We have got you special breezy summer abayas made especially for hot weather. They are made from breathable and lightweight fabrics letting you enjoy the summer by avoiding discomfort.


For lovers of traditional and cultural heritage, Bousni has a section of jalabiyas in vibrant colors and unique patterns.


It also includes dresses that are modest not neglecting modesty. They are masterpieces that can create an elegant look on any occasion.

Travel wear

To be specific with traveling needs, we have a separate section for travel wear. It includes outfits that are most comfortable for traveling and the ones that can make your journey fun.

Inner Dress

To complete a modest look and get you all covered, Bousni offers inner dresses that coordinate well with your modest fashion outfits.


For an elegant and complete girly look, it has a section of jewelry. It includes beautiful jewelry that can be paired well with your outfit.


Bousni is also offering high-quality and well-designed hijabs. It's time for girls to enjoy modesty in style by making fashion choices at Bousni.