Collection: Breezy Abaya for Summer

If you are encountering breezy weather in the UAE, you will need an appropriate outfit. To style yourself elegant and comfortable in this weather, Bousni has got you a modest collection. It has integrated styles and various patterns into top-notch fabric that perfectly fits with a breezy summer. A whole section of modest outfits is allocated for fashion enthusiasts looking for breathable and lightweight fabric not neglecting style. It's time to opt for the best outfit to wear during breezy summer as per your styling preferences as we have adequate options available. No matter if you are planning for a day out, office attire, or a special event in summer, we got you covered.

Bousni’s best-selling summer abayas

After retaining the best outfits that are highly in demand, we are offering you elegant abayas for summer under the filter of best-selling. It includes all modest outfits that work best in summer in the UAE. It includes clothing made of cotton and linen that fits well in such weather. Bousni is highly considerate of style and embraces fashion. There is a touch of elegance in its abayas and jalabiya with applique, beads and pearl embellishments, and beautiful laces. All of Bousni’s abayas and outfits are of quality stitching and stand out as a perfect choice for modest clothing.

Summer Abayas by Colors

It isn’t over yet. Bousni has also mastered the art of integrating style into its modest outfit in vibrant colors. Tailored to the needs of customers, we have sufficient options in colors. They not only sound cool in breezy summer but also are masterpieces that create a modest yet stylish look for you on any occasion. You can now opt for abayas and other modest outfits in any color you are fond of from our summer abaya collection. The colors Bousni is offering in its breezy summer abayas section include

  •       Black
  •       Beige
  •       Blue/Light Blue
  •       Fawn
  •       Mauve
  •       Purple
  •       Grey
  •       White
  •       Green/Olive Green
  •       Peach
  •       Brown
  •       Pink

Summer Abayas by Size

Not only considerate of colors and patterns, but Bousni is also offering its breezy abaya for summer in numerous sizes. You can get modest wear in any size you are comfortable in. Days of worries about looking at your size and missing out on the best pieces in modest fashion are over, you can now get unique masterpieces in your sizes at Bousni. The sizes Bousni is offering for its breezy summer abaya include

  •       Extra Small (XS)
  •       Small (S)
  •       Medium (M)
  •       Large (L)
  •       Extra Large (XL)
  •       Double big and extra-long (2XL)
  •       Triple Extra Large (3XL)
  •       Standard fitting but Times 4 (4XL)

Sorting and Filter Options

Bousni has included the filter and sorting options to make the site easier for you to use. Using the filter option, you may pick the best abaya fabric for summer from our incredible selection according to factors like price, size, product type, and availability. Moreover, you can also use the sort-by options to view our best-selling items. In addition, you can also sort based on other criteria such as dates and prices.

Other Modest Wear


Bousni is offering varied abayas suitable for different occasions and seasons such as cotton abayas for summers, velvet abayas for winters, casual wear and formal abayas, and special occasion abayas. It includes numerous styles of abaya that are modest to wear and create a unique look.

Ready to wear

We have an elegant and refined selection for you when it comes to ready-to-wear outfits. Bousni provides ready-to-wear abayas in stunning patterns and hues to get you ready for any upcoming event.


If you're the kind of person who values jalabiya and loves classic styles. We have fantastic choices in distinctive prints for you in a Jalabiya section.


We have an elegant yet modest collection of dresses that are suitable for wearing at any place and any season of the year. It features a variety of multicolored kaftans, particularly those in the butterfly design that subtly enhance beauty.

Travel Wear

Bousni has created sophisticated travel wear that is both comfortable and fashionable for the duration of the trip. If you have an upcoming trip planned, you can use our selection as a backpack.

Inner Dresses

Are you hunting for anything new and contemporary because you're sick of outdated looks? Check out our inner dresses, which go nicely with our colored and black abayas. It provides modesty in style and improves the appearance of open-front abayas.


Bousni has jewelry for every taste, from delicate to bold. You may now enhance your look with our opulent selection of jewelry.


Bousni has a rich collection of hijabs that provides distinctive and printed hijabs that go well with abayas, gowns, kaftans, and other modest attire. Ladies! It’s time to add some style to your outfit with these chic hijabs.