About us

Bousni is a new emerging brand in the ladies’ fashion industry. We made our debut in April 2012. Since then we are happy to serve our customer’s needs and their modest fashion desires. Bousni is committed to providing the best quality with a wide and vast range of designs.

We are proud to say that we launch at least 100 designs every couple of months. We have a dedicated team that is responsible for all types of jobs including designing, tailoring, customer service, management, and marketing. The passion and dedication towards our work have rewarded us with our customer’s love and trust beyond imagination. We speak our customers’ language, we recognize their needs, and we know their preferences.


It all started with a dream, a vision, a purpose: to meet modest Arabian women’s desire to wear the clothes that fit the life and times they live in. Bousni is committed to providing sophisticated Arabian fashion in a modern way that fits in both eastern and western styles. We are aiming high and working hard to keep our services up to the mark and up to date all the time. We are finding our ways to reach our dream of becoming a world-class fashion brand.

Unique Charateristics

Bousni is a fashion brand with the following distinguishing characteristics
1.  A team dedicated to all the fields
2.  Selection of each and every fabric
3.  Designing unique styles
4.  Stitching in supervision
5.  Customer’s special demands
6.  Sizes for all

Modern Designs

Our team of designers always remains busy in the innovation of new designs that fit modern age styles. Bousni understands the importance of creativity and uniqueness. We all are unique in our own styles and bousni understands it very well.


We use the best quality fabric and material for our production. We are using Korean Nidha, Georgette, British Linen, Chiffon, and some special fabric to make our abayas to meet new age market demands. A good product is made of some best quality fabric, fine threads, and selected pearls and beads. And yes, we are doing it in the same way. It is our material quality that makes us exceptional in new brands.