Collection: Purple color abaya

Modesty along with elegant style makes a perfect combo. It is no more a tough task to find the right and appropriate dress that is modest, modern, and of course creates a beautiful look on any occasion. Isn't it the choice you are having difficulty making? No more worries! We’ve got you some amazing plentiful options for modest dressing tailored specifically for women who love classic purple.

The purple abaya is a strong symbol of heritage, classiness, and personal choice within the big pattern of modest style. We at Bousni would love to have you join us on a deep exploration of our huge variety and learn all the small details we hold. Come check out the different levels of style and detail made just for you on your fashion trip.

Different Types of Purple Abayas

To be more specific for your styling needs, we had enough options in Purple abayas. Bousni ensures that you dress well and moderately every day and on every occasion. Here are the options it has for you to create an elegant look every time.

Casual Purple Abayas`    

Our casual purple abayas redefine comfort and style. These pretty abayas are for fashion enthusiasts like you who like style and detail. They are modern shapes with gentle embellishments in simple lines or patterns. Made for daily use, they mix style and comfort so you always look good while moving - whether doing your usual work or having fun. It's time to roam around freely and enjoy every small moment with comfort.

Formal Purple Abayas

With our fancy purple dresses and abayas, you can join a luxurious world where everything is living art. These wonderful clothes called abayas, decorated with nice details, rich materials, and smart designs will stay in your memories for important life events. Our formal abayas look great with tradition and style. This makes it possible for you to feel good during important life events like weddings or big parties, standing out confidently in lovely designs.

Modern Purple Abayas

Our modern purple abayas change what is considered fashionable for the daring and brave. This collection includes mixes of fabrics, new designs, and current styles. Join a place where past and present meet, letting you share your special style with brave new looks. Everything shows how much we care about changing with the ever-changing style world.

Various Shades of Purple Abaya

Purple is a classic color that comes in different shades. Here are the most amazing ones that are being offered in Bousni.

Abaya in Dark Purple

Wear our dark purple abayas and feel the charm of mystery and elegance. These fancy colors modest abayas for evening events show what true classic style is. Our dark purple abayas are so versatile that they can be worn to both fancy parties and easy gatherings. They give you a smart attraction that makes sure you will look good in any case.

Light Purple Abaya

Our light purple abayas are great for day events or simple trips as they have a gentle and attractive charm. Our collection is shown in soft shades and detailed designs that make you look well-dressed wherever you are. Enjoy the beauty of simple things and the refreshing look of light purple as you carefully handle everyday life.

Mauve Purple Abaya

In the wide range of purple abayas, mauve shines as an enchanting tint that provides a subtle and classy detail to your collection. Bousni is proudly launching Mauve Purple Abayas into our collection – perfect for those who want the elegance and subtlety combined.

This underestimated elegance of such a unique color is evident in our Mauve Purple Abayas. Mauve is so subtle in delicate shades of lavender and silver toned pink that it has an air of serenity, sophistication. These abayas are specially designed with specific details and top quality fabrics that make you not only stylish but also noticed.


Bousni's purple abaya collection shows respect for being different, traditions and diversity. Our collection has many different colors and looks, from easy everyday wear to fancy dresses. It lets you make your own story using fashion as a guide. These pretty purple dresses and abayas will make you look better, respect tradition, and leave a long-lasting impression. Go on a deep journey into the center of style, where each thing tells its own story of elegance and lasting beauty.

Brighten Your Wardrobe with Colored Abayas: The PerfectPop of Color for Any Occasion

Looking for a way to spice up your traditional abaya wardrobe?Look no further! Our colored abayas are just the thing to add a pop ofpersonality to your attire.

These vibrant colored
abayas are sure to turn heads and bring a smile to anyone's face. If you're
bold and want to rock a bright red abaya or keep it subtle with a pearl grey
Bisht embellished with beads, we've got you covered. So go ahead, get creative
and have some fun with fashion! Our Dubai abaya designs at Bousni are a
must-have available as ladies abaya online to make it more accessible. Abayas
are available in diverse shades ranging from pastels to darker hues. These
abayas are an upgraded version of basic abayas that you can flaunt at any

Why choose Colored Abayas?

The abaya dress has become a clothing essential and a fashion staple nowadays. With the advent of this legendary clothing, modest women may seem trendy, attractive, and elegant
while remaining true to their traditions and ideals.

Colored abayas step up your style game by adding life to your attire. Whether you want to make a bold statement with our silk and satin kaftan abayas or keep it understated with black. But why stick to basic black when we have a diverse colored abayas
collection? Stand out in one of our chic-colored abayas and show off your flair. Shop now and add some color to your wardrobe!

Shop Colored Abayas at Bousni

At Bousni, colored abayas are a one-stop shop for your high-street fashion. As a cherry on top,
our abayas are also available with matching Shaila. The floral embroidered abayas are also fit to wear at work and a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.
To enhance your overall look, you can double the color and double the fun.
Two-tone front open abaya fashion is a head-turning design which you can pair with an inner. Check out these designs at:

Bousni Colored Abaya