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Colorful abaya

Can you wear the colorful abaya in Dubai? The answer is always yes. In fact, it’s a great place to show your fashion preferences. To meet your styling preferences and comfort needs, Bousni is offering you high-quality abayas integrating style into them. We are high on our promise and performance, making sure you get elegant colorful abayas encompassing modesty and fashion. To all the fashion enthusiasts hunting for unique pieces of colorful abayas along with fine stitching, Bousni is a place for you. You can join the fashion-forward world now with our amazing collection of women's colorful abayas tailored to your needs.

The beauty of Colorful Abayas

You might be tired of traditional black abayas, here is where Bousni steps in. It offers you colorful abayas that have their own Beauty. More than just a garment, they’re statements. It’s time to add to your collection some colorful abayas that showcase the essence of vibrant elegance. Every piece we made from quality fabric and stitching, tells a story, a story of your special movements that you enjoy in comfort and style.

Types and Styles

Just the way we never limit colors, likewise are our designs. We had a luxurious collection of colorful abayas that span a wide array of styles.

Traditional Abayas

We value your culture and beliefs. For this, Bousni is offering premium traditional abayas in various patterns with a fusion of old heritage and current fashion. They are traditional colorful abayas and we had ensured it never looked old-fashioned.

Modern Abayas

We understand how important it is to move with the world. We incorporated numerous modern fashion elements when designing our abaya collection. You can now enjoy modesty in style with our modern colorful abayas.

Fusion-Style Abayas

To be more specific about the styling preferences, we have tailored fusion style abayas that offer you timeless beauty. We had a fusion-style abaya that included an abaya with a shirt and bottom or skirt.

Materials and Quality

We take pride in offering high-quality material. All our colorful abayas are of premium quality and ensure comfort and durability. We had crafted our abayas with the finest fabrics. Bousni offers its colorful abayas in various fabrics including Jersey colorful abaya, Linen, Georgette, Nada, and other colored abayas. You can opt for any according to climatic conditions and preference as they all are of high quality.

Occasions and Versatility

We had a collection of colorful abayas that are versatile and can fit many occasions. You can add a touch of elegance and beauty on any occasion with our amazing abayas. Most common occasions on which our colorful abaya designs suit include

Format Event

We had vibrant colors that made you stand out in any event. Make the most of your special events with our masterpieces in various colors.

Casual Event

No matter if you are looking for something casual, we cover you all at Bousni. Our colorful abayas brighten up your everyday moments.

Special Occasions

Our luxurious collection with a blend of rich and elegant colors ensures your shine is different at weddings and parties. It’s time that your joyful colors abayas match the spirit of festivals.

Care and Maintenance

Our elegant and luxurious abayas need to be handled with care for optimum performance. We provide care instructions that ensure you enjoy the beauty of our elegant garments timelessly. You need to provide the proper care including washing it as instructed and ironing it as stated. It ensures it stays as new as always.

Bousni’s Best Selling Colorful Abayas

The whole collection of Bousni is amazing but some masterpieces stand out. These abayas reflect the epitome of craftsmanship and design philosophy, encompassing elegance and style. Here are Bousni’s best-selling colorful abayas in Dubai.

Abayas by Size

Finding a perfect fit in your dream abaya is necessary to enjoy every moment. We are offering our colorful abayas in a range of sizes so that you can find your size in all your pieces.

  •   Extra Small (XS)
  •   Small (S)
  •   Medium (M)
  •   Large (L)
  •   Extra Large (XL)
  •   Double big and extra-long (2XL)
  •   Triple Extra Large (3XL)
  •   Standard fitting but Times 4 (4XL)

Other Modest Wear

Bousni doesn’t end its fashion at abayas, it has bought you much more so that you can get all at one spot. We had a diverse range of modest wear.

Ready to Wear

For convenient shopping and effortlessly stylish pieces, we have a collection of  ready to wear colorful dresses and abayas.

Breezy Summer Abaya

We had amazing colorful summer abayas made from lightweight and breathable fabric tailored to your summer needs. You should not let warm weather come in your way of modest clothing.


You should explore our collection of traditional jalabiya designs rich in style and culture.


We have numerous modest dresses that redefine elegance and can fit you on any occasion.

Travel Wear

For hassle-free travel experiences, Bousni has brought you stylish colorful travel wear. It comes in various designs.

Inner Dresses

For underdresses, we have got you inner dresses for versatile layering. It enhances your overall look of the abaya.


For an elegant pairing, add some curated jewelry pieces that enhance your style.


It’s time to complete your modest look with our versatile hijabs. You can now discover a variety of hijabs in various colors and designs at Bousni.

Brighten Your Wardrobe with Colored Abayas: The PerfectPop of Color for Any Occasion

Looking for a way to spice up your traditional abaya wardrobe?Look no further! Our colored abayas are just the thing to add a pop ofpersonality to your attire.

These vibrant colored
abayas are sure to turn heads and bring a smile to anyone's face. If you're
bold and want to rock a bright red abaya or keep it subtle with a pearl grey
Bisht embellished with beads, we've got you covered. So go ahead, get creative
and have some fun with fashion! Our Dubai abaya designs at Bousni are a
must-have available as ladies abaya online to make it more accessible. Abayas
are available in diverse shades ranging from pastels to darker hues. These
abayas are an upgraded version of basic abayas that you can flaunt at any

Why choose Colored Abayas?

The abaya dress has become a clothing essential and a fashion staple nowadays. With the advent of this legendary clothing, modest women may seem trendy, attractive, and elegant
while remaining true to their traditions and ideals.

Colored abayas step up your style game by adding life to your attire. Whether you want to make a bold statement with our silk and satin kaftan abayas or keep it understated with black. But why stick to basic black when we have a diverse colored abayas
collection? Stand out in one of our chic-colored abayas and show off your flair. Shop now and add some color to your wardrobe!

Shop Colored Abayas at Bousni

At Bousni, colored abayas are a one-stop shop for your high-street fashion. As a cherry on top,
our abayas are also available with matching Shaila. The floral embroidered abayas are also fit to wear at work and a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.
To enhance your overall look, you can double the color and double the fun.
Two-tone front open abaya fashion is a head-turning design which you can pair with an inner. Check out these designs at:

Bousni Colored Abaya