Collection: Winter Collection 2023

Winter Abaya Collection

Winter Abaya Collection means a new set of warm robes for you to wear in the winter. Discover the amazing Winter Abaya Collection, with warm and stylish designs tailored for the fashion enthusiast women out there. But this collection means more than just clothing. It's a flashy but natural fashion experience. Each item is well-crafted to give you both fashion and comfort in the winter. Textures in the Winter Abaya Collection matter a lot because they give the winter clothes an interesting feel as well as a nice look. Winter fashion uses dark red and dark blue colors to match the winter mood and look stylish that you should try.

Key Features of the Winter Abaya Collection


Here is our super cozy Winter Abaya Collection, in high-quality materials for superior comfort coming your way. Using high-quality fabrics like cashmere and wool blends, we've always concentrated on creating warm clothing that also looks good on you on every occasion. These materials not only keep you warm in winter, but they also feel great on your skin letting you roam around freely. Hug them all season and stay warm without getting bored. 

Textures of Winter

Check out how our abayas can add a new touch to your winter wardrobe. Abayas come in several styles and materials - winter clothes can be a beautiful work of art if you get it just right. These well-chosen textures not only make the clothes look fashionable but also produce a comfortable warm effect. So, you can be warm and look good as well on every cold day of winter. 

Winter – Inspired Colors

Discover the beautiful colors in our winter collection. We have different colored pretty abayas, such as dark blue and red. The dark grey colors also portray the simple beauty of winter scenery. Every abaya is a picture, bringing out the warm colors of winter's day and your unique sense of style as you walk about. 

Style Trends for Winter Abayas

Modest Fashion Trends

In our Winter Abaya Collection, we celebrate and praise the elegance of modest design. However, the abayas are also made in both elegant and stylish fashions. Look for graceful shapes, long skirts, and arms completely covered up while giving a more modern feel. That means our collection wants people to have a chance to display their own style, but still something modest.

Trendy Cuts and Shapes

This winter abaya collection is particularly fashionable and modern, so you'll immediately look different. There are different styles and sizes of abayas. Some are loose, others hug the body to show off its curves. Already it is time to get ready for winter fashion. Here are some shapes, textures, and cuts that will be modern and different this season. In this collection, you can wear abayas traditionally and fashionably. 


Our selected Winter Abaya goes for simple beauty. Their beads, sequins, and simple designs create abayas that are the right balance between being flashy and modest. These special things make winter clothes look elegant and suitable for everyday wear and fancy dresses

Embroidery and applique

Adding some embroidery or appliqué makes the winter clothes look more attractive. In this winter collection of Abayas, detailed patterns emphasize the beauty of traditional hand-made designs. Delicate decorative patches and detailed sewing make the abayas more interesting and beautiful. They combine modern style with traditional cultural beauty. 

Accessorizing for Winter

Choose your favorite pieces from our selection and fill up the gaps in your winter wardrobe. From elegant jewelry to warm scarves, the accessories in our Winter Abaya Collection are perfect additions to your abaya ensemble.

Styling Tips for Winter Abayas

Wear big belts with layers, or put on a fashionable hijab to warm your body. Whatever the weather, your winter abaya will look both great and stylish this year. With all of the clothing we recommend for winter, you will be both fashionable and warm wearing your Winter Abaya. 

Layer with Cozy Fabrics

During the cold weather, layering is very important. Abayas should be made from a warm, soft material such as cashmere or wool blends. If you don't want to go out in your abaya, wear it with a matching winter coat.

Belted Elegance

Emphasize the lengthening effect with a fashionable belt and change your style. Dress well and flaunt your figure. This gives your winter outfit a more modern touch, and it also allows you to put in something of your personal style. 

Footwear Matters

Don't be hasty when choosing shoes to round off your winter outfit. So get boots that are fashionable and keep your feet warm. Knee-length boots are more protective, while ankle boots can be quite stylish. 

Play with Textures

Take advantage of the luxury of winter and try different textures. Wear abayas with different textures and plain or patterned accessories. Of course, you could also consider a knitted hat or soft purse to add more style and interest. 

Try Gloves

Ladies hear out, you should wear gloves to make your hands look pretty. Choose gloves that go well with your winter attire and the color of your abaya. With pretty gloves or leather gloves, you can make a good impression.


Accessories make your winter abaya special. Pick out pretty earrings, a cool watch, or a purse fashionable with the outfit you're wearing. The final touch to your winter outfit is an accessory. 


It must be time to enjoy the Winter Abaya Collection's cozy and fashionable mix. Combining modern styles and good materials with very pretty designs, every abaya we have is beautiful. We are maintaining the tradition while adopting new modern styles by doing handwork on plain fabric. Winter is about change: our clothes are a friend next to you who can make your style more attractive. Though one should dress modestly, you can still get new fashion ideas at Bousni.