Collection: Embroidered Abaya

Shine different with our luxurious Embroidered Abaya Collection

Are you thrilled to look extra-ordinarily elegant during your special days? Try out our amazing collection of Embroidered Abayas Dubai consisting of masterpieces.

Get yourself the perfect Embroidered Abaya at Bousni with:

  • Beautiful Embroidery: Elegance has been designed in our Embroidered Abayas, where a range of embroidery designs that go from delicate florals to bold are crafted. 
  • Classic and Modern Styles: We offer classic styles in Embroidered Abayas, as well as contemporary styles like Embroidered Bisht and Kaftan Abayas. 
  • Huge Range of Colors: Choose among colors ranging from classic black, classy pink, beautiful blue, stunning green, and more vivid shades according to your personality.
  • Prices That Suit Your Pocket: With very reasonable prices, our embroidered abayas will allow you to glam up without making any holes in your wallet. 

Shop Embroidered Abaya online at for the best-embroidered abayas. Purchase impressive abayas that are modern yet elegant. Bousni ships to Dubai, UK, and worldwide!