Collection: Trendy, Cute, Fancy & Beautiful Abayas Online in Dubai

Traditional attires to conceal your body can be old-fashioned, now the world has blended modesty and fashion into one outfit. It has integrated styles, colors, and patterns to create a modest outfit that can fit any occasion. When we say the best and trendy piece of fabric for modest fashion, we mean abaya.

With every passing day, the abaya is becoming popular globally establishing its presence in many regions, especially in the UAE. It has bought you sufficient options and is offering cheap abayas in Dubai so no need to worry about prices in this expensive city. You can now enjoy comfort, style, and all in one place. It's time to add to your closet some elegant abayas that can make any occasion worth it. If you are confused about where to buy abayas in Dubai, then this guide is for you. 

Different Elements of Abaya

Abaya is an outfit that integrates many elements into it. A stunning piece of abaya comes into existence when these elements combine.


To cope with styling preferences, abaya comes in various designs. You can now choose among varied options that suit you. Looking for something casual, formal, or fancy? Abaya covers it all. You can now add unique abayas to your collection

Colors and Patterns

Any outfit including an abaya must not limit color choices and patterns. Choose unique and vibrant colors to enhance the outfit's overall aesthetic. The abaya designers specifically include a spectrum of hues and patterns, from subtle pastels to vibrant prints to cater to diverse preferences.


Opting for the right fabric is essential for both comfort and appearance. Abayas come in a handful of fabrics ranging from breathable cotton and luxurious silk to durable denim and warm wool, each offering distinct textures and qualities. You can choose the one that fits best with your climate, current trends, and occasional needs.


To create a modest look, sleeves are essential. Abaya carries various sleeve styles including wide open, straight, puff, and bell-shaped. If an outfit excludes sleeves, then that must not be an abaya as it never comes sleeveless.


An abaya includes various stylish necklines including round and V-shape influencing the overall look and highlighting specific features. It aids in creating appealing designs prioritizing comfort and style.


To add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the abaya, embellishments come forefront. An elegant piece of abaya can be embellished with numerous items. It includes embroidery work, lace or crochet, sequins or beadwork, rhinestones or crystals, and applique to enhance the beauty of an abaya.


To appear attractive and make it easy for the wearer to carry the abaya, it comes with some closure options. Front Button Closure, Zipper Closure, Magnetic Closure, and Snap button closure are the essential components that ensure convenience and functionality. You can choose abaya with any of them having their pros and cons. They help to fasten the abaya and provide seamless beauty.


With the changing needs and convenience of carrying small things, the abaya also includes pockets. It adds practicality to your outfit and creates a unique design.

Belt or Sash

It is an accessory that enhances the look of the abaya and ensures good fitting. It is widely used for flowing abaya to create an organized look. It can be attached sometimes for elegant design purposes.

Matching Hijab or Scarf

To complete the modest look, a hijab is a must. Muslim women prefer to wear a matching scarf for a perfect look and modest fashion. Many abaya come with a matching Hijab to provide customers with everything they need for a stylish yet modest outfit. All the abaya at Bousni comes with a matching Shayla or Hijab.

Bousni Best Selling Abayas

After massive research on the best platform for online and cheap abayas in UAE, we have got you an amazing brand that offers you stylish, trendy, and elegant abayas at your convenience. No more need to walk a distance in search of the best abayas. You can now receive your dream abayas at your doorstep. Here are the best-selling abayas of Bousni , opening the fashion opportunities to you.

3 Pieces Set Bisht Pleated Abaya

If you are a fashion enthusiast and adore wearing shirts and skirts then this might be what you must have. It is a 3-piece set abaya that includes a modest shirt, skirt, and bisht. It is a pleated abaya that is made from a high-quality Polyester Mix in Rust. Moreover, it has open wide sleeves and includes a matching Shayla.

Applique Abaya with Striped Trimmings

Another best-selling at Bousni is an Applique abaya in Black and Pink with striped Trimmings. It is a perfect match if you are looking for a casual abaya. It has a front open with a button closure and includes a matching Shayla. This masterpiece is made from Georgette.

Elastic pleated inner with please sleeves abaya

It's time to add to your collection the most elegant abaya. It is a bisht elastic pleated abaya that comes with a matching inner. You should try an elegant outfit for your office use. For a more modest look, it includes a matching Shayla. This abaya is made from top-notch Satin in Green.

Stylish Beads Abaya

For a fancy look, this beaded embellished abaya can be a good fit. Bousni offers you a stunning abaya with a front open design and wide open sleeves. It is made from Georgette and includes a matching Shayla. It comes in a beautiful black that suits any occasion.

Plain and Simple Abaya

Alongside this, Bousni and its customers embrace simplicity. Here is a plain and simple abaya that comes under best-selling. It has a front open design with a button closure and long sleeves. It is suitable for casual wear and ensures comfort. It is made from Georgette in Black. A matching Shayla is included.

Double Layered Organza Abaya

It’s time to introduce to you another best-selling Bousni's Abaya that creates an elegant look for you on any occasion. It is a plain double-layer organza abaya. You should consider wearing it at parties and events. It includes an inner dress and matching Shayla to complete the look. It is made from high-quality Organza in Black.

Blue & Brown dual shaded bisht

Bousni never stays behind in incorporating fashion changes into its abayas. It offers dual shaded plain abaya making it a one-of-a-kind. This elegant piece of fabric can make you appear stylish and adorable on any occasion. It has long wide sleeves and comes with a matching Shayla. This abaya is made from Polyester Blend in Blue, Brown, and White.

Stylish Umbrella Abaya

One of the best-selling of Bousni is this stylish umbrella-style abaya. It is a plain frock-style abaya in Sea Green. It is beautifully stitched in an umbrella abaya shape from premium Nada. A matching Shayla is included.

Cutwork with Embellished Beads Abaya

Here comes an abaya with cutwork. It is a stylish abaya with beaded embellishment. You can wear this masterpiece for all occasions. This abaya is created from Tushi Mix in Black and includes a matching Shayla.

Pleated Abaya

This elegant abaya with a unique Olive Green color makes you stand out in a crowd. It is a pleated abaya that is suitable for all occasions. This abaya is made from high-quality Georgette and includes a matching Shayla. If you are looking for modesty in style, consider adding this to your abaya collection.

Abayas by Category

At Bousni, you can get trendy abayas suitable to your specific needs. It has 3 broad categories of abaya and each of them includes numerous stylish abaya designs.

Black Abaya

One of the most popular categories of abaya at Bousni. It includes stunning pieces in traditional black color abayas. It is appropriate for those who only consider abaya in Black. Within this color, we are offering beautiful designs and patterns along with lace and bead embellishments.

Colored Abaya

For all those creatives looking for unique and beautiful abayas in colors to avoid the traditional look in Black, this category is for you. It includes various elegant designs with high-quality embellishments in different colors including White, Fawn, Red, Green, Olive Green, Blue, Brown, and Grey.

Special Occasion Abaya

If you are looking for an online abaya in Dubai then you must try Bousni. We value occasions and values. Bousni has a separate category for special occasions abayas such as Ramadan. It especially has made stylish abayas for Ramadan so that women always look stunning and modest no matter what occasion it is. You can also get yourself a wedding abayas from us.

Abayas by Color

Bousni has catered a wide range of colors to make sophisticated, stylish, and trendy abayas. It has abayas in the following colors and some with a combination of them.

Abayas by Size

Filter and Sorting Options

In addition, you can filter the best abayas from our wide range as per your preferences. You can filter abayas based on availability, product type, size, and Price. You can also sort them through various options including best selling, price – low to high, and price – high to low.

Other Modest Wear

Bousni is specific to modest fashion but not to the abaya. It includes wide options to incorporate modest fashion outfits. It offers the following choices.

Ready to Wear

We are offering ready to wear clothing items that you can order and wear immediately. Do you have an upcoming event scheduled soon? Get yourself something stunning from our collection of ready-to-wear. They are available in standard sizes and need no alterations.

Breezy Summer Abaya

Moreover, Bousni includes a wide range of abayas that are a good fit for summer. They are relaxing and pleasant which specifically suits summer. It is time to enjoy every weather in a modest yet modern outfit. To get a cheap Dubai abayas online perfect for summer, check out the website. 


The modest outfit can be any piece of fabric until it conceals your body. Here we’ve bought you beautiful dresses with a blend of vibrant colors bringing life to your outfit. You can choose among various dresses encompassing unique patterns and designs to create an elegant look.

Travel Wear

Traveling can be hectic without a good outfit that suits your traveling needs. Here are some amazing travel wear to make your journey comfortable not neglecting style. It includes tops, bottoms, shrugs, and overcoats.

Inner Dresses

If you are looking for a matching inner to cover you fully, then this section might be what you are looking for. It includes sophisticated inner dresses and a 2 piece set of shirts and skirts. It is fashionable and aids in creating a modest look.


Accessorize your outfit with this graceful and modern jewelry. It includes unique jewelry sets, bracelets, rings, choker sets, and all to fit your styling needs. It also offers heavy jewelry to create a fancy look on special occasions.


To complete your stunning look, we are offering you an opportunity to opt for a coordinating hijab. We have various options in hijab including organza lace scarf, pearl embellished scarves, net scarfs, pleated scarves, sequin scarf, and checkered scarves. You can order any that goes well with your outfit.


We are also offering elegant jalabiyas to keep up with the traditional Arabic fashion. It comes in various colors, sizes, patterns, and designs opening a world of choices for you.