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What is Modest Clothing – Complete Guide

The world is evolving drastically and opening wide choices. It can be labeled as a good opportunity but a means of confusion too. The varied fashion choices involve clothing options that are modern but revealing which doesn’t sound comfortable but modest clothing can be both.

Several people prefer a closet that looks stylish but modest too. Modest clothing involves clothing preferences that cover the body and minimize its exposure. It is suitable for a wide audience regardless of their faith and cultural belonging. However, the extent across various cultures varies and thus modesty can be defined accordingly.

Unlike men, women are expected to dress modestly as a symbol of showing respect to others and being labeled as good fella. They are usually obliged to opt for modest clothing because of the religion they are born with, cultural values, societal pressure, or personal preference. To cope up with their styling needs and fulfill their obligations, women search for modest clothing options in a market that includes dresses, loose-fitting tops and bottoms, long skirts, shrugs, scarves, and more that comes under it. Afraid not ladies! We are here with a guide to help you with modest clothing for women that is stylish, comfortable, and well-designed.

What is Modest Clothing Exactly and Its History

Modest Clothing is aimed at concealing body parts instead of showing everything off, especially for women. However, it varies in different settings and depends on changing preferences across cultures. Gladly, a chance to be creative and wear grace and confidence in your way. The general aspects that define modest clothing for women include coverage, sleeve and hem length, fabric type, neckline, and a loose fit.

Modesty has a long-lived history since always it has been popular and played a significant role in determining appropriate clothing for people. During ancient civilizations, it used to be the symbol of virtue and morality. Men used to wear draped attire and women wore long flowing dresses to cover themselves in ancient Greece. In religions such as Islam, people have been wearing modest dresses for several decades to follow their religious practices. In fact, they not only cover their bodies but women also cover their heads. In addition, men and women wore veils and long dresses to opt for modest looks in the early Middle Ages. Moreover, in the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe, fashion took a form of ornate without neglecting modesty.

Modest Fashion Outfits

A clothing attire that is designed as per the current styling but also adheres to modesty standards is modest fashion outfits. It lets you look incredibly amazing and express your beauty while covering your body. Modest Fashion Outfits come in varied designs and encompass a range of choices. Some trendy modest fashion outfits include:

  • ·       Abaya
  • ·       Long skirts
  • ·       Jalabiya
  • ·       Hijaab/ Scarf
  • ·       Kaftans
  • ·       Tops
  • ·       Jackets
  • ·       Trousers/Pants
  • ·       Long sleeve dress


When talking about modest fashion outfits, the abaya never stays behind. It is a traditional dress worn by Muslim women for hundreds of decades to cover their bodies. It is in the form of a long robe that covers the body from neck to feet and is usually paired with a scarf. It now comes in various designs that satisfy fashion needs and look modest. If you are going to a supermarket, mall, or park with having crowd then it would be a perfect fit for you.

Long Skirts

Modesty never comprises style and comfort, you can still wear skirts accompanying a modest look. Long skirts going beneath the knees are specially made to look gorgeous on you, make you feel comfortable, and appear modest.


A long robe or an outfit with a flowing design known as Jalabiya can be a good add-on to your collection. A widely known and trendy fashion outfit popular among Arabs and other cultures. It is usually worn in Middle Eastern and North American cultures. Carrying with itself modesty, comfort, and style, its various designs give a trendy sense of fashion.

Hijaab / Scarf

Hijaab / scarf is an add-on for women's clothing that enhances the style of any outfit. It is worn around the neck of a woman giving style, comfort, and warmth. Its unique prints and multiple colors make it versatile enough to fit several outfits. It is normally worn along with an abaya by Muslim women to cover their heads.


Your wardrobe should have a kaftan in it if you are a modesty lover. It is a clothing outfit with a loose fitting and comes in a long length. It covers the woman's body to the ankle and has a noticeable history. You can wear it for all occasions including casual and formal. It is highly appreciated because of its designs and the comfort it offers.


Let’s dive into another modest fashion outfit known as tops. It carries within it multiple choices such as long-sleeve tops, loose-fit tops, high-neck tops, and many more. It comes in various designs, prints, and fabrics, and is good enough to satisfy trendy fashion. The length can vary as per cultural and personal preferences

Trouser / Pants

Don’t stay behind, you can now wear pants too that involve modesty. Loose-fitting pants or browser accompanied with a top makes a perfect combo for a stylish outfit. Regardless of your age, you can wear them comfortably to cover your lower body and enjoy occasions in style.

Long sleeve dress

Get a long-sleeved dress to add style and sophistication to your closet. They are a popular choice among various cultures. It has many designs and types that make it a good fit for different occasions, places, and weather.


Another piece of garment that women can wear for modesty on the upper body is a Jacket preferably during winter. Even if you are wearing a short shirt or crop top inside, don’t worry you can manage it by wearing a jacket on top. It looks stylish and demonstrates modesty too.

How to Dress Modestly

Dressing modestly may mean different things to different people, but talking generally involves wearing clothing that covers the body in a way that is deemed respectful and appropriate for the occasion and culture. This might include longer skirts or dresses, tops that cover the shoulders, and avoiding clothing that is too tight or revealing. But remember ladies, modesty is a personal choice, and it's up to each individual to decide what they feel comfortable wearing while also considering the expectations of the setting they'll be in.

Dressing modestly is a trendy choice but the extent varies among different peoples, tribes, or nations. But to remove your confusion, do consider these dos and don’ts when wondering to dress modestly.


Wear Appropriate Necklines

To style modestly, wear dresses with higher necklines to cover the chest area. You can choose from several options available including scoop necks, boat necks, or collared shirts for a modest look.

Choose Longer Hemlines

Get yourself a stylish dress, skirt, or top that at least meets knee-length or goes beyond. Shorter hemline outfits can look immodest. You can also go for Maxi dresses and ankle-length skirts that for sure can be an excellent choice.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Wearing tight clothing outfits can cling your body tightly and could be revealing. To look modest, wear loose-fitting clothing such as tops, bottoms, and dresses with a flowing design.

Consider Sleeve Length

For wearing a modest dress, ensure that its sleeves are longer covering your hand or at least three-quarters. It can be a virtue of modesty yet not compromising your style.  However, if your outfit is sleeveless, consider wearing a jacket with a shrug on the top.


Say No to Low Necklines

It is advisable not to opt for V-necks or deep scoop necks if you are planning to dress modestly. It can be revealing and can appear immodest.

Avoid from Short Hemlines

Skirts, Shorts, or mini dresses can look revealing and reflect the immodest gesture. You should avoid wearing outfits that expose your legs, especially miniskirts and shorts. Avoid skirts, dresses, or shorts that are too short and expose too much leg.

Stay away from Tight Clothing

You should not opt for outfits that are tight enough to expose your figure, especially in provocative styles. If you are wearing Tight-fitting pants or bodycon dresses, it may not align with modest dressing.

Best Online Shopping Tips for Abaya Fans

If you are a fashion enthusiast and searching for a great variety of abaya online to style yourself modestly, consider the following tips:

Choose a reputable brand

During online shopping for abaya, you should opt for a brand that is reputable and is well-known for its quality products and devices. Search for a reliable retailer that has a good history. There are ample sellers available online so good research on the best ones is necessary.

Check Customer reviews

It’s a must before ordering anything online, read all the available reviews and view the attached pictures so that you can get an idea of what is delivered actually.  It lets you know what the overall experience with that particular brand can possibly be.

Go through the size chart thoroughly

When purchasing an abaya online, you should view the size chart and choose according to your fitting. Many sizes come in Abaya and may vary for the different sellers so make sure you order the right one by considering.

Look for the fabric type

When shopping for an abaya virtually, see which fabric it comes in. They are designed through various materials such as Linen, Georgette, and Chiffon. Purchase one that suits your environment and personal preference.

Read the return policy

You should review the return policy of a seller before making a purchase. It is to ensure that it won't be a trouble to apply for a return if anything goes wrong.

Tips to look stylish in a modest way

Opt for well-fitting clothing

Attires that fit you well always make you feel stylish and confident. Consider the clothing that looks modest and flatter your body.

Pay attention to every detail

You should consider all small details such as matching accessories and a well-tailored hemline. It overall enhances your outfit and makes it appear stylish in a modest way

Choose versatile pieces

You now need not to sacrifice style to achieve a modest look. Opt for versatile pieces and mix and match different fabrics and textures to create unique and interesting outfits.


The perfect and matching accessories can really elevate a modest outfit. You can try adding a decent necklace, a matching scarf, or suitable earrings to complete your look.

Casual attire

Talking specifically, with an abaya, long skirt, or jellabiya, you can put on a jacket or scarf to appear modest. In addition, you could wear loose-fitting tops and bottoms for a stylish yet modest look.

Formal attire

From your closet, take out a fashionable maxi or fancy top or bottom. Accessorize it well. No matter if you prefer not to wear revealing clothes, you can still dress stylishly in a modest way.


What is considered modest clothing?

Consideration of modest clothing varies across cultures. However generally, what conceals body parts and gives a gesture of respect to others can be said as modest. Wearing revealing outfits is a notion of immodesty.

What religion wears modest clothing?

Modesty is a significant part of the religious practices of numerous people around the world. Several religions encourage modest clothing, especially for women. The most prominent ones include Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism.

What is the dress code for modest clothing?

To follow the dress code for modest clothing, an individual should wear clothes that cover his/her body parts, especially the chest, arms, and legs, and avoid loose fitting. Opting for an opaque fabric is a must to follow a modest dress code.

Is modest a fashion style?

Yes, modest fashion is a style. You can still look fashionable by wearing modest clothes such as a maxi, abaya, tops, etc. 

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