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Satin Abaya Designs - Satin Abaya Dubai

In the heart of clothing exists Abaya, where modesty meets fashion. Abaya comes to the forefront when it comes to coverage. Are you wondering how to get a passport to the world of timeless elegance and sophistication? We got you there. Introducing you to the exquisite satin abaya designs at a spot where tradition meets modernity. Satin, A well-known piece of fabric popular for its smooth and glossy surface.

Dubai, a gateway to the luxurious and elegant collection of Abayas covers all your styling needs followed by modesty. You can now embrace fashion, tradition, and your clothing preferences all at your place. Each piece of Satin Abaya demonstrates a perfect blend of opulence, refinement, and the long-lasting beauty of modest fashion.

Satin Abaya Designs

Dubai, a bustling metropolis brings you the best Abaya collection encountering modern fashion needs and styling preferences. Several retailers and brands are offering various Satin Abaya online but the bousni stands out. It incorporates the value of your time and busy schedule, providing you with the stunning fashionable Abayas at your doorstep. It offers you a handful of stunning Satin Abaya Designs in varied colors.

Black Embroidered Satin Abaya

For a perfect and stylish wardrobe, add an embroidered satin abaya into it. It comes in Black and is made up of high-quality fabric making it appear elegant. The embroidery patterns stand out just the way the brand does. It is paired with a matching Shayla (Scarf).

Beads Embellished Bisht Abaya

Are you planning to get dressed with a premium Abaya to make every picture of your occasion memorable? Worry not, here is the best you can opt for. Get yourself a premium bead embellished Satin Abaya. It comes in Black contrasted with Fawn to make it appear luxurious. It is made up of Bridal Satin. As an add-on, Shayla is provided too.

Beads Embellished Satin Abaya

This beaded embellished satin abaya is a must to get a timeless look and always sense style. It is made up of Bridal Satin and comes in a mixture of Black and Fawn colors. It gives a simple yet stylish look. Its shiny feel gives the outfit a luxurious vibe. It comes with a matching Shayla.

Black Embroidered Satin Abaya

Let’s dive into another must-have Abaya for your closet. The material used to make this fine embroidered abaya is Satin. Its creation involves the usage of best-quality beads and pearls. The matching color embroidery makes it smooth enough for any occasion. It includes a matching Shayla.

Premium Beads Embellished Abaya

Introducing you to the premium Satin Abaya that has top-notch quality beads and pearls embellished on its sleeves. It’s a unique piece that is alone enough to give an elegant look. It comes in Black paired with matching Shayla.

Blue Elastic Pleated Inner with Abaya

In aligning with the trendy outfits, we got a perfect fit. A Bisht elastic pleated Abaya that comes with an inner. Your wardrobe should have this if you are into the premium Satin Abaya collection. Its modest yet modern outfit that comes in a Green color and matching Shayla is also provided.


Beige Bridal Satin Beads Embellished Abaya

This abaya is embellished with beads that form an intricate pattern, beautifully complemented by detailed embroidery. Its fine-quality-quality fabric makes it an ideal choice for your special events. The Abaya comes in Beige with a matching Shayla. It is made from Bridal Satin.



Simple satin abaya

For a casual outfit, this simple satin abaya designed with the coordination of moonlight strips is a must-try. It has a front open design with buttons provided for the closure. It comes in Black and matching Shayla.

Satin Ribbon Embellished Abaya

We’ve got you another masterpiece of Satin. It’s a ribbon-embellished Abaya that comes in Blue. It includes a matching Shayla. You should try this for meetups and casual outings. It creates an elegant and sophisticated look.

Black Satin Beads Embellished Abaya

This abaya has bead embellishments on the front and sleeves. It’s a stylish abaya with detailed beadwork that enhances its look and makes it appear graceful. It comes in black along with a matching Shayla.

Modern Coat Style Bisht

This amazingly designed bisht abaya gives a modern vibe that can create a look of both an Abaya and an overcoat. If you are a modern styling lover, this is solely made for you. It comes in a classic black color and is made from tweed and bridal satin fabric. A matching Shayla is included.

Ramadi Abaya

Ramadi Abaya, a premium bridal Satin Abaya crafted with care. It is a good match for your festive needs in a Grey color. It has pearl bead embellishment that offers style and a trendy look. It also includes a matching Shayla.

Grey Beads Embellished Abaya

Here comes another premium Bridal Satin Abaya. It’s a bead-embellished abaya that comes in Grey. Top-notch quality beads are used to make this stunning clothing piece. You should have this simple yet stylish abaya in your closet to make it attractive. A matching Shayla is included.

Black Beads Embellished Satin Abaya

A luxurious party-wear abaya that combines beauty and modern style. It has beaded embellishment and gives a classic look. You must include in your closet this one-of-a-kind abaya in a Black. It is made from Bridal Satin that ensures a comfortable and elegant look.

Pleated Flared Sleeves Abaya

Here is the latest addition to the Abaya collection - the pleated flared sleeves abaya. This Abaya comes in a front-open design with a button closure. It is made of smooth and glossy satin fabric. This off-white abaya is a perfect fit for summer. Its soft color and airy design make it comfortable for hot weather. To complete the look, a matching Shayla is included.

Coat style Abaya with Pockets

It's time to get your hands on this stunning piece to add a new dimension to your wardrobe. A modern design abaya, made from Bridal Satin and Tweed. It can alternatively be used as an overcoat and comes in a Gold color. It includes a matching Shayla.

Tie & dye Bisht Abaya

A summer can be tough if you lack comfy and stylish outfits. This tie and dry Satin Abaya give a perfect look and comfortable feel in summer. It comes in multicolor paired with matching Shayla. What size is yours? No matter, it comes in all.

Pleated Satin Dress

A loose-fitting pleated satin dress in a soft silver fabric is a must-have for your wardrobe. It falls loosely over the body, giving both comfort and elegance. A matching shaila is included to complete your stylish look.

Satin Abaya Designs by Color

Let's get into the world of fashion in vivid and bright colors offering variety and wider choices.

White Satin Abaya

It’s time to introduce you to the Jacquard Butcher Sleeves Bisht with inner, a perfect blend of traditional and modern style. It is designed to offer you the utmost comfort while keeping your style quotient high. The beautiful red and white Jacquard Abaya adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. Made of high-quality satin material, this abaya is perfect for any occasion or event. It includes a matching Shayla that enhances the overall beauty of the outfit.

Brown Satin Abaya

If you are looking for an exceptional outfit for your office, try this plain bisht abaya with the inner dress. It is made of premium satin and comes in a brown color. It's simple and graceful designs can fulfill your dress code needs.

Pink Satin Abaya

This pleated satin dress in a rose pink color is a must-have for the closet. The soft fabric and loose fit allow it to fall loosely over the body, providing ultimate comfort and style. It includes a matching Shaila and is made from high-quality satin material.

Green Satin Abaya

Your wardrobe should have this pleated satin abaya in a light green color to make your collection extra-ordinary. It has a soft fabric that falls loosely over the body paired with matching Shayla.

Blue Satin Abaya

If you are looking for a stunning abaya, this bridal satin and tweed outfit can be a good fit. It can also be used as an overcoat and is designed in a modern style. It comes in Blue along with pockets that add extra style. The matching Shaila included completes your modern styling look.

Black Satin Abaya

Are you hunting for a luxurious addition to your abaya collection? Consider the beads embellished abaya. It is made from glossy bridal satin that gives it a shiny and upscale feel. You should give it a try if you are a fashion-conscious individual. It comes in a classic black and golden color, and a matching Shayla is included for a complete look.


Abaya, a stunning outfit that can fit any occasion and place is meant to create a modest and stylish look. Well, the designs, fabrics, and colors can vary, among which Satin is a popular choice for an elegant look. Satin Abaya Dubai dives into the world of modernity, style, and luxury. The Bousni's satin abaya collection is a perfect fit for you for every occasion and journey you are embarking on. They are enriched with trendy designs that can make you feel confident and empowered. It's high time to celebrate your beauty by filling your wardrobe with our best-selling. 

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