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10 Must-Have Modest Dresses for Women | Modest Dresses UAE

"Modesty answers not the crude how of femininity, but the beautiful why" (Wendy Shalit). Many women fail to find apparel which is trendy, fashionable, unique, and modest at the same time. Yes, you heard it right! You can wear modest dresses and still be trendy. It is important to feel secure, confident, and the best version of yourself; you could achieve this by wearing modest dresses. To maintain a balance between comfort and practicality, modest dresses are less skin-revealing. Modest clothing means being covered from the waist down for men and from front, back, arms, and legs for women.


For this reason, brands come up with modest dress designs with a diverse range for women of all ages. Girls can choose to wear casual modest dresses for their college or universities, there are several modest wedding dresses which women can wear in weddings and modest evening dresses which they can wear in parties to look glamorous and modest at the same time. Determining what looks good on you and gives you the greatest confidence is an important step towards creating a modest outfit that reflects your persona and style. There is no universal criterion here. These essential items make dressing quicker, your wardrobe more versatile, and can be easily combined and contrasted.

Scroll down to reveal our 10 must-have modest dress essentials to revamp your closet.


Modest Dresses that never go out of style

Emerging from the Gulf regions and carrying the legacy of the Arabs forward, hijabs, abayas and other modest wear took over the fashion industry with its less skin-revealing motto. Luxury and high street brands introduce a variety of modest dresses such as Maxi skirts, Kaftaans, oversized white shirts, baggy pants, maxi dresses, abayas and many more. Following are some modest dresses you can wear all year round!

1.   Maxi skirt

As effortless as it seems, maxi skirt is an iconic wear that you can wear all year round. It is not just trendy with its full-length flair and sway, but a versatile piece of clothing that keeps you worry-less. You can pair it up with a blouse, a baggy shirt, or any top you like, maxi skirts will never let you down. A universal fact about maxi skirts is that it is one of the modest dresses you can pull off anywhere and any way you like, making them a must-have modest clothing in your closet. If you do not want to expose a large portion of your legs, buying by hem measurement and selecting lengthier designs is a wonderful method to appear modest while being stylish.

Maxi Dress

2.   Kimono/shrug

The kimono is yet another modest dress that girls can wear over nearly anything. You can pair it up with a graphic tee shirt and pants, a blouse and denim or a sweatshirt. The best thing about kimono is that you can wear it as an extra layer in winters and over a half-sleeved blouse in summer. It looks chic and has a modest dress code for girls needing extra coverage. Kimonos can truly pull an attire together, allowing you to easily freshen up your look. It has loose fitting and lends the ideal amount of flair to any outfit while maintaining coverage. Being one of the trendiest and modest dresses, kimonos offer versatility to your overall look. A printed shrug with a shirt can fall loosely over the body and allow you enough space to swirl and twirl!

Printed Kimono

3.   Oversized White Shirt

Often women are confused what to pair their wide leg pants with, when they can't see the right top in their wardrobe. Well, an oversized white shirt is your answer. Honestly, there is nothing as classy as an oversized white shirt that goes well with any bottom. A crisp white, baggy shirt is your go-to top paired with denim, palazzo pants, maxi skirts, or straight pants. You can wear it under a kimono or over any camisole; it will never disappoint you with its modesty. An oversized white shirt is a modest dress that goes with any colour combination with many of your existing items and can be crafted in various ways.


white shirt


4.   Wide leg pants

Wide-leg pants are one of the few modest dress alternatives that may be donned to every event, like college, shopping, parties, and even corporate events. It is a loose-fitting bottom with broad legs often constructed of lightweight cloth. Its flowy cut mesmerizes women of all ages and body shapes. All the rave about wide-leg pants is because of their swirl and graceful look that could be paired with any top while also appearing modest. Ranging from a graphic tee shirt to a white oversized shirt, you can pair your wide leg pants with a denim jacket to make it look modish yet modest.


Pant trousers


5.   Abaya

One of the most modest dresses usually worn by women residing in Arab countries is the Abaya. Abaya is a loose-fit dress covering the entire body, excluding the head and face. It is paired by a hijab that covers the head and innerwear, and is comfortably worn, and to which the Abaya provides camouflage. Abayas are the most adaptable and modest dress. It can vary from design to design with embroidered highlights, ruffled trimming, various colours, or even sharp forms, making it stylish for anybody who wishes to remain modest. However, Abayas are not only worn by women as modest dress or for hijabs. Many fashion bloggers, celebrities and influencers also wear Abayas with diverse designs. Abayas are frequently worn for various aspects, from celebratory events like Eid to more official settings like college or the professional world. A fantastic thing about Abayas is that they allow you to be covered while appearing refined.


Black beads abaya


6.   Jalabiya

Jalabiyas are yet another piece of clothing women wear as one of many modest dresses. It is a traditional Islamic clothing linked with Arab forefathers. Kings and queens paired it with subtle, exquisite dresses with large slits in the center or cuffs. A Jalabiya is an enormous long-sleeved garment with a voluminous fabric covering the full torso. It is often oversized for ultimate convenience and elegance. It makes Jalabiya a wearable modest dress because it is convenient and flexible. You can pair it with anything underneath without thinking twice! It sways when you walk and comes in different colors and sizes with beautiful necklines, full sleeves, and loose fit. You can find fully embroidered Jalabiyas, printed Jalabiyas and even embellished Jalabiyas at modest dresses stores. During Ramadan, Jalabiyas are seen as the most worn modest dress by women in Bazaars and malls. You can even wear a maxi style Jalabiya with tropical prints and embellishments to add beauty to your modest dress.


7.   Dresses

Dresses are an apt option as your modest dresses since they are ready to go the moment you put them on. A maxi dress exudes sensuality and may be dressed up or down with embellishments. This makes it suitable for days when you want to appear great but do not want to overdo your look. So, select a few attractive maxi dresses that may hide the portions of your body you wish to disguise. Dresses are a must-have for your modest dresses wardrobe since they are a go-to option in a hurry and help you cover up instantly. You can get a maxi dress or a Jalabiya dress with tropical prints, lace embellishments and flower patches to enhance your look. Wearing an embellished dress may help you give a classy look to your modest dress, and you can even wear it formally.

Printed Dress

8.   Top and Trouser Pant

Women are opting for in-vogue tops and trouser pant sets as part of their modest dresses to look fashionable, comfortable, and up-to-the-minute. It falls loosely over the body, and its diverse designs and colours help women style the look any way they want. You require more physical activity when hiking, riding, or hosting a corporate meeting. Women need something flexible and easy to handle and work as a modest dress. Top and trouser pants serve the purpose of providing coverage to the body yet appearing high-toned. The pant trousers are composed of durable fabric and feature a smooth closure that emphasizes the frontal pleat details. Its subdued colour compliments the mid-rise waistline and tailored fit. Wear these pants with a matching top or an oversized white shirt to get a confident image and look chic.

Shirt and trouser

9.   Inner Dresses/Slips

A set of pleated skirt and shirt paired with a perfect front open Abaya (Bisht) is yet another trendy way to style your modest dresses. Inner dresses or slips range from plain silk or plain cloth dress to skirts with a top. A plain sleeveless dress works handily under a Bisht Abaya (front-open). It comprises of soft fabric that loosely falls over the body. A belted inner dress comprises a short-sleeved dress with a belt that you can wear under a kimono or a Bisht Abaya to slay the look! You can also wear a pleated satin dress with a belt to compliment your Abaya and give it a glamorous look. These inner dresses will never disappoint you as you can wear them at any formal or informal event. Inner dresses are modest dresses that are comfortable to wear and give a modish overall look.

inner dress

10.  Hijabs

Be it a Muslim gathering, or a fashion show you are hosting, hijabs never go out of style. Hijab is a headscarf that women use to cover their heads for many purposes. Some women use it to style their dresses and wrap it around their necks to give them a stylish look. Many hijabi entrepreneurs, celebrities, and bloggers are encouraging hijabi females to embrace their hijab fashionably. Furthermore, with the aid of these influencers, the concept of modest dresses is growing popular. Your hijab could vary from a rectangular piece of cloth to a triangle or square-shaped cloth that you can style differently. It comes in diverse cloths like organza with lace, polyester hijabs with embellishments, net scarf, pleated hijabs and printed or silk hijabs. Hijab is a kind of modest dress that is easily worn and styled; therefore, many women choose hijabs to pair with their eastern and western dresses. On a maxi skirt or dress, women can choose to wear it in a bandana form, or you can even wrap it around your neck with a top and trouser pants. Hijabs are an evergreen option with your abayas, Jalabiyas and other modest dresses.


Where to Buy Modest Dresses?

The best part about these modest dresses is that you can find these at Bousni, which simplifies your everyday wear. You can find all kinds of modest wear ranging from chic style Abayas, Jalabiyas, dresses to Hijabs and fashion jewelry. Check out their latest Abayas and Hijabs.

Hijabs at Bousni comprise embellished or plain organza, satin, net, silk, and linen scarves or printed scarves that you can pair with any color. Choose from a diverse range of beautiful and airy Hijabs and Abayas from Bousni and you will never be disappointed with the kind of products they offer. Check their beautiful Hijabs  and black or color Abayas. You can easily order from their page by adding the products you like to the cart and checking out with the required information. You will receive your order within 3 to 4 days for local (UAE) orders and within 7 to 10 days for international orders.

Bousni is a contemporary ladies' fashion industry brand that made its debut in April 2012. Since then, they have been delightfully serving their customers' requirements and clothing demands. Bousni is dedicated to supplying the highest quality products in diverse styles. Every few months, they release at least 100 new designs. To suit the expectations of the modern age industry, they produce their abayas out of Korean Nidha, Georgette, British Linen, Chiffon, and other specific fabric. Bousini is the name of quality, passion, devotion, and dedication towards delivering high-street fashion Hijabs and Abayas at reasonable prices and adorned by many.

Grey pleated abaya Black Abaya Sequin Farasha Abaya Pleated Dress

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