arabian women's clothing

Arabian Women’s Clothing

Your culture or religion should not come in your way to move with this dynamic world. Arabians have a diverse and rich culture that makes them stand out pointing out their styling and fashion needs. For every Arabian woman, there are sufficient choices including Abaya, Jellabiyas, and Maghreb. Be glad, the reign of traditional old-fashioned dresses has ended. It’s time to dive into an era where fashion comes with comfort, style, and modesty.

Top 10 Arabian Women's Clothing

Women's clothing in Arab and its regions is diverse with a handful of clothing styles and designs. Here are the top 10 Arabian Women’s Clothing so that you can style yourself modestly keeping in mind your cultural and religious values.


You must be familiar with Abaya being an Arabian woman. It is the most trendy outfit across the world shaped in a long robe with a loose fitting. It is designed to cover your body from top to bottom. It usually comes in black but other colors are also available as per personal preference. If you are planning to get the best abaya for yourself, check out the best-selling abayas at Bousni.


If you are a woman worried about covering your head, then you should opt for Hijab. It is a must-have Saudi Arabian women's clothing, You can wear a Hijab that offers the coverage of your head and neck. It comes in various fabrics, styles, and colors. It is a versatile piece of Arabic clothing that can be paired with an abaya.


It is a popular choice in North African countries. Kaftan is made up of luxurious material and is in the form of a loose-flowing dress. It is also embellished with intricate embroidery.



Jalabiya is an outfit that can be worn by both men and women. The designs, colors, and embellishments on it made them stylish attire for women. It is usually worn in countries like Sudan and Egypt. It has a loose fit that makes it appear modest and feel comfortable.


Arabian clothing has a tradition of wearing a Niqab that covers your face and only leaves a small slit open for the eyes. It is commonly worn in more conservative Arab societies.


Talking about some Arab regions such as Afghanistan, women wear a Burqa that covers the whole body including the face. A fabric that covers the eyes is made of see-through fabric. It is popular in areas that promote Sharai pardah.


It is a traditional headscarf designed to cover the head along with the neck and chest. It is made up of lightweight fabric so that women can always stay comfortable.


It is a loose-fitting white long robe that reaches to the feet which is usually worn by men. But in some countries, can also be worn by women.

Al Amira

Another popular garment to cover the head in Arabian countries is the Al-Amira. It is a headscarf that is designed to cover the head and neck and is tied under the chin. It is a good fit with dresses.


What is the female Arabic dress called?

The most common women's Arabian clothing is a long robe known as Abaya. It is an iconic piece of clothing that covers the body fully.

What is the Arab dress called?

The Arabic dress worn by men is called thawb (Thobe) while the women wear abaya mostly as an article of clothing.

What are the most popular dresses for women in Arab countries?

Women in Arab countries reflect the beautiful traditional clothing of the region. The most popular ones include Abaya, Kaftan, Jellabiya, and Hijab.

What are traditional Arabic female clothes?

The traditional Arabic female clothes are Niqab and Burkha, especially the one that covers the face too, and only eyes can be seen in that. Moreover, Jellabiya, Sahyla, Jilbab, and Kaftan are also well-known traditional Arabian women's clothing dress names.

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