Bisht abaya: The ultimate royal-inspired look for any occasion

Rule the fashion world with Bousni’s royal-inspired bisht abaya

Time to add luxury to your basic wardrobe with Bousni’s bisht abaya! The goal was to give a feminine touch to the Bisht. The bisht was a cloak for Arab men to wear on special occasions. However, Bousni created bisht to represent a woman's identity in a practical way. They present Bishts and Abayas because of the Arabian color scheme. And to put the latest fashion trends to create modest dresses with a story. You can wear these abayas over traditional clothing. It is a wide, flowing cloak that drapes over the body. Bousni’s bisht abaya is a perfect way to add elegance and tradition to your wardrobe.

Your bisht abaya is a royal wardrobe staple fit for a queen

Bousni strives to make everyday dressing effortless. Their abayas will not disappoint you. This unique item is a must-have for your old wardrobe. It will bring a sense of style and modesty to your clothing collection. Bousni’s embroidered bisht abaya comes with an inner dress. Made from premium Nada and a relaxed fit, it gently drapes off the body. A matching Shaila complements the entire look. This beautiful abaya gives a royal look with small flower embroidery and front open style. It covers the entire length and lets you flaunt your flair.

What sets our embroidered bisht abayas apart is the intricate embroidery. The intricate design is the work of artisans. Which adds a touch of luxury to the abaya. The abaya is also great for layering in the winter and lightweight and breathable in the summer. The outlook of this abaya allows you to wear it on many occasions and be the center of attention! It has the perfect flair, length and fit that you will love. Pair it with black heels or coat shoes. Pick your royal bisht abaya now from Bousni