umbrella abaya designs

Umbrella Abaya Designs

Conventional clothing meant to hide your body can be outdated; nowadays, modesty and style can coexist in one ensemble. It combines patterns, colors, and styles to create a modest outfit that can fit any occasion. The abaya is the most fashionable and best-fitting garment of clothing for modest fashion. How about going in-depth and getting more style integrated into it? It’s the spot where umbrella design abayas step in, opening a world of fashion to you.

Umbrella Abaya Designs

Likewise, the various styles and designs we offer in Abaya let’s dive into some elegant pieces of fabric with a unique umbrella design.

Mesh embellished umbrella Abaya

To add a touch of elegance to your closet, add this stylish umbrella-design abaya in Black. It is a mesh embellished umbrella abaya made from Premium Nada. It includes a detachable belt and coordinating Shayla. You can try it on any occasion.

Umbrella style abaya with wide sleeves

For a beautiful addition to your abaya collection, add this to your closet. It is an umbrella-cut abaya with beautiful umbrella sleeves. It creates a stunning look on any occasion and is made from fine quality Nada in Beige. It comes with a matching Shayla.

Red layered umbrella abaya

Bousni had bought you a trendy layered umbrella style abaya in Red. You can enjoy modesty with this abaya not neglecting fashion preferences of yours. It gives an elegant look on any occasion. This abaya is made from Chiffon and includes a matching Shayla.

Umbrella style lace embellished abaya 

With a perfect fusion of lace embellishment and umbrella style, we have a masterpiece for you. It is a high-quality lace embellished abaya with an umbrella style in traditional Black. It is made from Polyester Blend. For added style, it includes a matching Shayla.

Frock style abaya

Introducing to you a girly pink new umbrella-style abaya. It is a modest umbrella-style abaya with an integration of style. To complete a modest look, a matching Shayla is included. It is made from Polyester Blend and is available in a Large Size.

Beads Embellished Abaya | Pink Beads Abaya

Here is another Pink umbrella style abaya with this time it is embellished with beads. It has open wide umbrella sleeves. This abaya is a perfect choice for office use and is made from high quality Georgette. It includes a coordinated Shayla.

Mesh lace embellished abaya

Bousni is offering you an elegant mesh lace embellished abaya in Black. It is an stunning abaya in umbrella style with an open front. It is made from Premium Nada in Black. A matching Shayla is included.

Beads embellished abaya with drawstring

Here is an umbrella sting abaya with beads embellishment and drawstring. Chiffon is added to the bottom to create a stunning look in any setting. It is a perfect choice for a modern modest outfit. It comes with a coordinated Shayla. This abaya is made from Premium Nada and Chiffon.

Delicate hand embellished abaya

Bousni has a unique abaya with delicate hand embellishment. It is an umbrella style abaya with open front and inner. This abaya has long wide sleeves. This masterpiece is made from Organza in Black and includes a matching Shayla.

Flared sleeves frock-style abaya

For added style, Bousni has bought you a flared sleeves frock style abaya in Black. This abaya can be a beautiful addition to your collection. It is made from Premium Nada and includes a matching Shayla.

Abaya Umbrella Designs by Color

Our elegant and luxurious abaya collection comes in various colors offering you more versatility. Here are some of our best pieces differentiated by colors.

Purple layered umbrella abaya

Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece? Consider this layered umbrella-style abaya in Purple. It has a unique design and suits every occasion. It is made from high-quality Chiffon and comes with a matching Shayla.

Marron Umbrella style abaya

Here is an amazing umbrella-style abaya in Maroon. It is a plain frock-style abaya that is stitched in an umbrella shape. It is made from Premium Nada and comes with a matching Shayla. It is available in all sizes.

Green Stylish umbrella abaya with wide sleeves

Introducing to you an elegant umbrella style abaya with wide sleeves in Hunter Green. It is a perfect abaya for any occasion showcasing modesty in style. This masterpiece is made from Premium Nada and includes a coordinated Shayla.

Brown Frock style abaya

Bousni had bought you a stylish umbrella-cut abaya with umbrella sleeves offering you a stunning look. It is made from Harir Hindi in Brown. A matching Shayla is included for added style.


With the world evolving, we are increasingly opening choices to you. Bousni has mastered the art of providing premium abayas with a fusion of colors and trendy designs. You now have an opportunity to add to your collection some stylish umbrella design abayas that are popular in Dubai now. Ladies! Enjoy style with umbrella abaya design in Dubai and various other countries like USA, UK, etc.

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