trendy abaya designs

Trendy Abaya Designs Not to Miss Out

Abaya is clearly one of the majorly undisputed garments that come to mind when we think of modest fashion especially for Khaleeji women. However, with the evolution of fashion, it is important to stay in the trend and make a statement with every piece of clothing. Most trendy abaya designs are ever-changing which makes them difficult to be found.

Most women in the region have different classics and exclusive abaya choices in their closets. The goal is to pick those which won't only be used on a daily basis but can be worn in every occasion because of variety of styles. In this blog we'll be suggesting some of the trendy abaya picks to go with every event!


All About Abaya Trends

When it comes to abaya, this simple piece of garment dates back to almost 4,000 years even before the name was coined. Worn by the noble ladies of the Prophet (SAWW)'s time, the purpose was to cover your body and to reflect modesty, elegance, and dignity for which cloaks and other loose garments were introduced. These cloaks made it easy especially for working women to sustain their social position.

As time passed, abaya became a gesture of humility representing Muslim women around the world. With different trends and styles in the fashion world, now abaya can't be referred to as plain black long robes, instead they're stealing global attention with various colours, designs, and silhouettes.


Top Trendy Abaya Designs You Must Have

Being every wardrobe statement and a fashion centrepiece, abaya's uniqueness has made it simple for modest women to look more sophisticated than ever without disconnecting to their values and traditions.

From Eid to weddings, abaya can be seen styled and worn on different occasions. Most women prefer it over other pieces of clothing because it helps you stay covered up while being elegant and up to par for every sort of gathering.

Here are some of our trendy abaya picks that you don't want to miss out!


Modern Coat Style Bisht

One of the most popular trends of hijabi fashionistas is the coat style abaya. This form of abaya is quite popular not only because of its modern touch but also due to a variety of styles and designs that makes every piece unique and promising. If you're into western fashion then you may know that as per Vogue, this has been ranked as one of the most popular styles.

You may find this abaya style in many other forms as well including fitted and flared silhouettes so that you can pick whatever suits your body type. It not only gives a classy outlook to your fit but looks up to date as well. These abayas are dedicated for the winter lineup since they are made up of warmer material.

However, the base of this abaya relies on the color theme you're taking forward. If you want to enhance the wow factor then you should go for a complementing and well-thought out palette. For the neutral colored coat, you can try leather pants and knee-high boots.

Most people often go for belts and chains to bring more attention to the curves and to maintain your body structure. These can be perfect for some light events, get-togethers, etc.

Coat style bisht abaya

Coat Collared Self Printed Bisht Abaya

Another style on our list is the coat collar self printed abaya. Now most people don't like wearing coats or want to style a coat-like look in summers, coat collar gives you a trendy style that you can hardly find in any summer wear. It often comes in loose-fitting, replicating a jacket. The fabric choice may vary depending on the occasion and weather conditions. You can go for lighter and breathable fabric in summers to give it a flared look and a more sturdy material for winters.

You can pair it with adjustable belts or chains to elevate the self-printed design. Although these abaya come with matching accessories that are meant to complete the look, you can even choose a contrasting color as well.

Since comfort is the kept priority when designing this abaya, you can easily wear them while lounging in your home or handling guests at your home-based events. You can even wear them in formal events by styling them with heels and moonlight hijab.

Coat Collared Bisht Abaya

Quilted Pearls Embellished Abaya

Two piece abaya style is getting more popular than ever. The style and color scheme that go with it brings its beauty out and brings it up to the trend. Just like this quilted pearl embellished piece of abaya, it can be categorized as a layers abaya but since it is quilted it can be worn as a single piece of clothing.

This abaya has a light inner with soft colors while the outer fabric is often in a darker tone of the inner with a more dense material. These pearl work is impeccable giving you a royal feel on every occasion.

Since the abaya is pearl embellished, you can style it with pearl jewellery or mono-colored accessories to drive more attention towards it. 

Quilted Abaya

Geometrical Embroidered Abaya With Inner

If you're searching for a trendy abaya design for your daily routine then there's nothing better than a geometrical embroidered abaya. It is made of light and airy fabric to complement your work hours or academic routine. In these types of abaya, there are embroidered details of certain shapes or geometrical figures on the upper part while the inner is mostly plain that comes in matching or contrasting colors.

You'll get a matching hijab with this abaya or you can also style it with any other abaya of your choice. This design is rated as unique and creative meant for people who want to stand out in the crowd.

Since it is a casual style, you can complete your look with sneakers and sunglasses. It is perfect for long summer afternoons or for Sunday brunch with your girls.

geometrical embroidered abaya

Lace Embellished Velvet Bisht Abaya

Velvet is the fabric that reflects royalty and class. If you are looking for a winter wedding outfit that gives you a confidence boost without overselling your appearance then you should go for velvet bisht abaya. This abaya style is super comfortable and mostly loosely fitted to give you a flared and flowy look.

You can find different types of embroidery in these types of abaya but the best that goes with it is the lace embellished velvet abaya design that doesn't take away from the overall structure. Since it is perfect for weddings, you can style it with stoned jewellery and metallic light heels.

For the hijab, you can go for either a golden or silver touch which complements velvet and gives an elegant feel.

Lace Embellished Velvet Bisht Abaya

Button down Abayas

Button down abayas stands as a classic design in the abaya fashion range. This type of abaya never goes out of style because of its accessibility and mobility. You can find this style in many different fabrics from georgette, cotton to denim also. Denim being the most worn by teenagers gives a trendy spin to this design, giving a new outlook.

The button down denim abaya has also opened new ways of wearing the button-down abaya and most women style it like jackets and kimonos as well. It often has a fitted structure so that it can be used as an everyday outfit. The best way of styling this abaya is to pair it with joggers or sneakers with a stole.

button down abaya

Kaftan Style Abaya

When it comes to 2022 modest fashion, Kaftan abaya stands at the top with its recognition spread around the globe not only among commoners but the celebrities as well. You'll find many famous names styling this abaya look in their own way. However, as per the Khaleeji fashion, it can be a staple for most weddings or special occasions.

It gives a modern touch to your look without taking away modesty or showing anything extra from your body. It usually comes embellished with different types of embroidery, beads, or even lace on its borders and sleeves. You can often find it with a V-neck which can be adjusted according to your feasibility.

kaftan abaya

Butterfly Abaya

Most plus size women don't prefer fitted silhouettes but that doesn't mean they don't have any option when it comes to abaya designs. Whether you want to wear it on casual events or even corporate ventures, butterfly abaya can give your body the structure it needs without compromising on the elegance.

This type of abaya gives a fitted illusion at the upper half of your body with flare at the bottom. Moreover, the sleeves are usually long and wide connected to your corset to give it a butterfly style. You can find different types of embroidery, beads, or pearls on the accents of this abaya and it even comes in printed fabric as well.

butterfly abaya


Abaya with Stone & Bead Work

If you want a minimal abaya look without it being too simple then you can go for an abaya with hand engraved stone and bead work on abaya. It can suit any party or even goes the best for your daily errands. Although it isn't as unique as one might think, it stays on the trends because of the feasibility of the women.

You'll find the beaded work on cuffs, neckline, the ends and hijab as well but you can always lift it up with more enhancement. This style is quite popular in the South Asian abaya fashion and the work is quite impressive and detailed.


beads abaya


A-Line Abaya

Although A-line abaya is a combination of a dress and abaya, it hits all the right notes to give you a modern Arabian princess touch. This abaya is known for its loose fitting and flared design. You may find it a little structured over the top while flowing down the hem. A-line is basically all about the ends giving a longer back and a shorter front, making an A-shape.

You may find this abaya mainly in V-neck with loose sleeves but you can align it as per your requirements. You can even restrict your waist with a belt to give it a more definition. Most women wear it as a casual style, pairing it with either plain or printed hijabs as well. However, you can easily style it on formal events with accessories to take it up a notch.

Double Layered Abaya Style

The next pick of our trendy abaya list is the double layered abaya design. This abaya design comes with two or more layers, frequently composed of various materials, highlighted in this fashion. It is made up of two separate pieces that are joined at the front with a slightly tilted hemline that can either have a slit or long cut and elaborate needlework.

For a stylish exposure, you can easily wear it open over a sleeveless maxi dress. It can be worn flawlessly at any casual party or even on simple events as well. It is recommended to go for subdued hues like ice blue, warm, and rose gold if you're heading to a casual event or going out to dinner, giving you a more attractive look and a comfortable feel.

double layered abaya

Cape Style Abaya

Abayas in the cape design are the ideal way to spice up a simple ensemble. This is a fashionable variant on the conventional abaya that features a cape that flows from the shoulder.

The cape is adaptable enough to let you keep your arms free while yet forming a lovely overlay. It can be created using a variety of embroidery techniques and designs, as well as using a variety of materials.

The cape adds a contemporary element, but you can always purchase a collared layer with buttons up front to make it look even better. These cape abaya types look great anyplace you go and will give you confidence. You may always pair it with a simple necklace or headpiece to dress it up.

cape style abaya

Pleated Self Printed Abaya

Pleated abaya is a latest design that is gaining its audience by the time. Although the pleated style dates back to several decades, it can still make a statement with a modern twist. It gives you a glamorous feel without putting on much, since only comfortable fabric and elegant design matter when it comes to abaya.

It is the best for picking up groceries, hosting a casual lunch or even for college hours. You can find pleats on sleeves, cuffs, and the chest area. Most brands use airy fabric for this type of abaya to give it flow and some even keep the front open. Moreover, you can even make pockets or button plackets and style it in different colors or sizes as per your choice.

pleated abaya

Umbrella Abaya

The last pick of our trendy list is the umbrella abaya design which can be stylish enough to replace your dress choice in any event. You can mainly find its design with a flared overlay with a horizontal often diagonal bodice wrapping around both front and back in an umbrella shaped skirt. The design gives a summer-feel and breezy texture to the clothing as it falls away from the body. It is available in floral prints, embroidered, and often lace embellished around the sleeves, cuffs, and neck.

Some umbrella abayas also have button plackets, buttoned cuffs for covering arms properly and zipped pockets to keep your essentials close. This type of abaya is dedicated to everyday-wear and casual style dressing, since it is made of lightweight fabric which is flowy and airy.

umbrella abaya

Ruffled Abayas

Even though the majority of abaya-wearing women opt for the simpler shapes, they are now offered in a variety of fashionable silhouettes. Ruffles are the foolproof method to spruce up a simple look because of this.

Ruffles have a certain allure that makes them traditionally feminine. Most people prefer ruffles on the sleeves because they make an outfit look more enticing, but you may also have them on the bottom.

One of the newest ruffle abaya styles is to have them in various layers and parts from the front of your waist to the hem. These ruffled abaya designs often have a more simple layout and come in a variety of lovely colours.

Pastel colours are usually elegant, so you can never go wrong with them.


So that sums up our list of the trendy abaya designs not to miss out this year. You can easily pick any of them depending on your choice and your body structure. These styles are not only in trend but are available online and instores around the world, especially in renowned modest fashion brands.

The best thing about styling abaya is there's nothing that can go wrong and it gives you an elegant fashion statement without even layering it up with accessories. You can create many different looks with the above mentioned list for every occasion and with every color scheme.

Share your experience about our listed abaya style and stay trendy all year long!

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