maxi dress for women

Maxi Dress for Women

Maxi dresses are seen more as a classic wardrobe choice. Both girls and women seem to love them. I mean, I don't know how they couldn't. They’re just so comfortable, and sophisticated, and can move with you throughout the day. This guide will tackle everything about maxi dresses that you’d think there is to know.

History of Maxi Dress

Starting from the beginning, Maxi dresses first gained popularity in the late 1960s. They were linked with the counterculture movement of the time. In Noble Time, the fashion world saw this dress come back into vogue twice, notably in the 1970s and 1990s.

Types of Maxi Dress

Starting with the types of maxi dresses available. Although there are various types in different cultures, the most popular ones are

Floral maxi dress

Ideal for a summer day, bright flower patterns wrap around this dress like it's the 60s. The bohemian-chic style is perfect for an outing during a hot season.

Evening maxi dress

Formal occasions are when you need to wear something classy. With their opulent materials like silk or satin, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Casual maxi dress

What’s great about casual maxi dress is that it’s suitable for any occasion. They’re both cozy and adaptable making them the perfect go-to for errands or casual brunches.

Wrap maxi dress

Wrap-style maxis are kind of hard to find that look good on all body shapes. But wrap dresses somehow managed to do it by being adaptable and designed to flatter.

How To Style Maxi

Moving forward, if you have one, be familiar with how to style it properly for an elegant look.


Depending on your dress length and where you’re going, select either wedges, shoes, or sandals.


If you want a more put-together look throw on something like a cardigan or denim jacket.


You can’t forget these little things. Accessorizing will be key in completing your look along with belts, bold necklaces, and statement earrings.

Maxi Dresses For Different Body Shapes


If you have this body type, choose maxi dresses with either an empire waist or A-line to balance your shape.


Wrap-style maxi dresses are flattering, or using a be­lt can accentuate your waist.


If you're apple-shaped, look for maxi dresses that have a clear waistline and a V-neck.


Asymmetrical or high-low maxi dresses can give an illusion of height.

Maxis: Perfect for Various Events

Beach Day

Searching for a loose­, flowing maxi dress? It's perfect for a beach day!


Looking to Dress formally? Pick a long, subtly adorned maxi. It's ideal!

Daily outfit

Maxi dresses that are uncomplicated suit everyday chores or friendly meetups.

Where to Find Maxi Dresses


Unique, handmade maxis are often found at local boutiques. You can get any based on your styling preferences.

Online shopping

Popular sites like Bousni are always a good choice for modest dresses and maxi-style dresses.


Maxi dresses are stylish yet modest which makes them a perfect choice for women, especially Muslims. It is a must-have for your closet if you are wondering to enjoy an elegant look on various occasions without neglecting your comfort. It comes in numerous styles, colors, and patterns making it versatile enough to enjoy style on all occasions. It's time to jump into the fashion world with some amazing pieces of maxi dresses.

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