Luxury Travel Clothing

If you are an adventurer who loves exploring new destinations, then be ready for all the tough choices that come in between. The journey consisting of all essentials is a must to tackle hurdles and enjoy the trip. For a comfortable journey, you need comfy travel wear. Comfort should never compromise style so always opt for luxurious travel clothing offering you elegance, modesty, and style all in a single outfit.

Shout out to Bousni which offers luxurious clothing in Dubai and various parts of  UAE tailored to traveling needs. Both men and women must wear easy-to-go clothing for traveling. However, men usually have all their outfits designed keeping in mind the comfort but when it comes to women, a new world opens. A world where there are sufficient choices suitable for particular purposes and occasions. Travel can be fun with these amazing luxury travel clothing.

Bousni’s best-selling luxury travel clothing

Are you ready for a tremendous trip ahead? Hold on! You are forgetting something important. Fill your portable wardrobe with some exciting and beautiful travel clothing outfits available at Bousni. Here are some elegant modest outfits appropriate for traveling

Stylish Travel Wear 4 Piece Set Including Trouser, Tweed Shirt

When it comes to luxury travel clothing, this elegant bisht abaya comes to the forefront. It is a button-embellished stylish coat collar abaya accompanied by a tweed shirt and polyester blend pants. This inner dress enhances the overall look of this travel wear that comes with a matching. This masterpiece is made in Navy Blue from Polyester Blend.

Geometrical shape embroidered abaya

Here is a luxurious embroidered abaya appropriate for travel wear. This premium abaya is made from a high-quality cotton mix ensuring the highest comfort while traveling. This masterpiece piece has a geometrical shape embroidery and comes with a matching Shayla. It is made in Green.

Pistachio overcoat style 3-piece abaya

Are you looking for modest but modern look travel clothing attire? Here is the best option. Try this elegant overcoat abaya with a skirt and shirt. It comes in a Pistachio Green color and a matching Shayla. This abaya is made from a high-quality Cotton Mix.

Top and trouser pant set

Here is a luxury clothing outfit for traveling integrated with simplicity. A plain fabric is beautifully stitched to create a top and trousers for catering the traveling needs. It has a soft fabric that loosely falls over the body. It is made from top-notch quality Polyester.

Paisley Printed Top

Are you done scheduling your tickets? Try this paisley-printed top for your exciting trip. It is made from high-quality Georgette that falls loosely over the body. This top comes in various sizes including small, medium, large, and 2XL. 3XL, and 4XL. Get yourself this elegant piece of travel clothing to add to your luxury collection.

Printed shirt with a shrug

It isn’t over yet, Bousni has much more. It is offering you a luxurious floral printed top paired with a shrug. This amazing travel clothing outfit is made from Georgette that falls loosely over the body.

Self printed top and trouser pant set

Introducing to you a top and trouser pant set. It is a self-printed fabric that has turned into a top and trouser pants. It is made from Polyester ensuring comfort with the soft feel of fabric. You can enjoy any trip with this amazing modest travel wear.

White Top and trouser pant set

Luxury and elegance are well matched with the white color. Here is an outfit you must add to your closet to enjoy luxury clothing throughout your trip. It is a beautiful self-printed top and trousers pant made from Polyester.

Stitching style collared abaya with pockets

Here is another luxurious outfit for traveling but this time it comes in a beautiful combination of Blue and Fawn. It is a collared abaya with pockets making it a perfect choice for traveling. And carrying portable essential stuff. It is made from Cotton Mix ensuring breathability and comfort. Must add this to your closet for a business trip.

Luxury Travel Clothing By Color

We oppose the limitations either followed by design or colors. The modest yet luxurious travel clothing available at Bousni encompasses numerous vibrant colors enhancing the overall look and brightening the outfit. It lets you feel comfortable in the color of your choice and that fits well with your traveling requirements. It includes

  •       Green
  •       Blue
  •       Black
  •       White
  •       Brown



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