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Hijab Fashion Tips to Keep in Mind When You Buy Hijab

When you are attending a corporate meeting, a party or simply going out on a stroll, your inner fashionista personality may urge you to pair your attire with accessories. Hijab or headscarf is not only a piece of apparel carried by Muslim women in the Arab countries but has increasingly become a hijab fashion in the western world. Hijab is a rectangular piece of apparel used by women to cover their heads. Women wear it as a mark of their religion and individual taste. However, it is no longer affected by one culture and has evolved into hijab fashion with diverse styles. As part of modest dressing, Hijab fashion has prevailed throughout Arab history and culture and displays its uniqueness through its look, diverse colours, and fabric.

Decades after the Safavids in the Ottoman Empire, which spanned the contemporary Middle East and North Africa in the 16th and 17th centuries, Hijab Fashion began to develop as possessing the same connotation as being a dignity for Muslims. To date, the hijab has been accepted and wearing a hijab or hijab fashion became a sociocultural habit instead of an Islamic one. You can select a hijab fashion out of a range of styles that complement your attire. To achieve a coherent and elegant look, match the colour and design of your hijab with your attire. Hijab fashion has emerged as a prominent fashion item, with several well-known manufacturers now offering full blown hijab designs for women. A hijab paired with an abaya has a certain allure. It has a refined and professional appearance. However, when you are on a shopping spree, you must consider some hijab fashion tips to keep in mind when you buy hijab. Here you can find some tips for hijab fashion while you are buying hijab.

Proven Hijab Fashion Tips to Consider when Buying Hijab

The very first question that pops in your mind while you are choosing from an array of items is the quality of the item. When you are buying hijab, you may first check its fabric and inquire about the quality. You can read below to discover the kind of fabric you need and other things to consider that may help you buy hijab for your hijab fashion:

1.    Fabric of the Hijab

Today, the fashion industry urges women to use hijab fashion as a key to enhance their overall look. The fabric of your hijab determines the kind of look it creates when you pair it with your attire. Often the colour of the hijab enhances because of the kind of fabric used and gives it texture. Cotton, georgette, rayon, chiffon, crepe, viscose, net and other cloths are increasingly used by hijab fashion industry. The type of fabric you pick is typically influenced by the look you wish to attain with that unique hijab. The most important thing to remember while shopping for a hijab is that it should make you feel secure and at ease. Select an item that is appropriate for the environment and versatile to be worn on many occasions.

hijab fabric


hijab fabric

2.    Hijab Size as preferred

Hijabs are often available in a variety of sizes. Based on the preferences, they can be squares, triangles, or rectangular and women can style them anyhow. The conventional length of a hijab is 45 inches; yet it can be as long as 52 inches. The length and width of the hijab is mainly determined by individual and ethnic choices. You can opt for a rectangular hijab fashion as a covering or as a fanciful bow. Tucked-in designs like loose draperies and the Melanie benefit from square hijabs. You can choose to buy net hijabs as wraparound or to style it around your neck. Some women prefer longer hijabs than usual if they want more coverage, but some women choose a shorter hijab to drape around their neck. So, hijab size is an essential component of your hijab fashion when you are buying hijab.

3.    Under scarf with the Hijab

If you are shopping online, you should consider wearing an under-scarf as part of your hijab fashion. An under scarf is a piece of clothing that helps keep a woman's hair from sticking out of her hijab. Many women complain that their hijab slips and gives a messy look because of the fabric. Georgette, chiffon, or net hijabs may slip on the head and distort a refined hijab fashion look. Thus, women often choose under scarves to provide base to the hijab and make it slip-free. You can opt for a matching under scarf to wear it under your hijab or even buy three basic colours such as white, black, and beige underscarves. These colours can go with any hijab colour you wear and an under scarf provides friction to the hijab fabric.

under scarf cap

4.    Quality of the Hijab Fabric

When buying hijabs or abayas, never overlook the choice of material. Your hijab fashion must not be compromised on the quality of the fabric. Select a reputable store that offers high-quality hijabs within your price range. Only high-quality materials boost product endurance, which is the most important feature of a clothing piece. Many women claim that wearing a hijab makes them humid, hot, and unpleasant, notably in the summertime. If this is the case, an airy and lighter hijab may be the ideal answer for you. You can choose to wear a Chiffon or Viscose hijab with sheer consistency and soft texture. Similarly, in winters you can opt for a warmer material for your hijab fashion such as cotton, rayon, or crepe. But never compromise on the quality of the fabric before buying from any hijab fashion store.

hijab quality

5.    Accessories that go with Hijab

It is always a joy to embellish your attire and make it appealing for different occasions such as a party, wedding, or a corporate meeting. You can even accessorise your hijab fashion with lace, stones, pleats, brooches, and elegant hijab pins. You can enhance your overall look if you pair an abaya, or a top and pant attire with elegant hijabs and accessories. The accessories could range from clips, bands, pins to brooches and may appear extravagant on a formal event. Maintain a selection of these items on hand to keep your hijab fashion distinct and phenomenal. Buy high-quality neck coverings and under scarves to ensure you are comfortable while also keeping your hijab in situ. Sophisticated jewellery gives a touch of opulence to your hijab fashion. Hijabs worn with fashionable abayas are a true representation of charm and humility. 

hijab accessories


hijab pins

6.    Do I Have a Similar Piece?

Sometimes it is hard to find a matching hijab or find the exact hijab style to wear on a formal event. Many women face perplexing situations where they are unable to find the hijabs of their choice and the question, ‘do I have a similar piece?’ becomes inevitable. In such situations, your hijab fashion diva must take the lead and you should run a creativity check to see what goes best with your attire. The most important reason for choosing different hijabs is the event. If it is a fancy dinner or an informal gathering, your hijab fashion must be in accordance with the event. Satin, modal, chiffon, and anything that has sparkle and glam are the best materials for a more sophisticated appearance. These hijabs provide a royal appearance, covering nicely over formal clothes equally. However, viscose, quality cotton, and jersey look well with daily ensembles since they are more informal and uncomplicated.

7.    Do I have what I require to make the Hijab wearable?

When you are done buying your chosen hijab fashion, you must see if you possess all the accessories and outfit to make your hijab wearable. Your hijab fashion may span from a simple hijab to a more glamorous hijab with pleats and mugs. You can also pair your abaya or jalabiya with a shimmery hijab, a matching under-scarf and some brooches to add sparkle to your overall look. You may also need a pair of hijab pins to secure your hijab in place and these hijab pins could be a go-to option for every hijab style. You should have minimum one hijab for your hijab fashion statement. A cotton hijab in a pastel hue is ideal for daily wear. For formal occasions like parties and receptions, most ladies wear silk or chiffon hijabs. Silk scarves will add glitz and sophistication to your attire, making you appear incredibly sophisticated. Purchase a hijab in a neutral hue that will complement all your clothes.

hijab accessories

8.    Will it work with your outfit?

Everyone knows that women prefer to shop online nowadays. However, it is critical to make an investing judgement before purchasing anything online. You heard it right! Online shopping is a financial investment. When you make your next purchase, be sure to choose a hijab fashion of good price and it will last a long time. This is the trickiest part. Hijab fashion in bright hues are available. Colours that are bright and distinct are a safe bet. You may wear them with any outfit, whether it is a blouse and pants or a pleated skirt dress. Prints are also trendy these days. You may wear floral designs with almost any outfit any day. If you are not interested in coloured or printed hijabs, you can go for monochromatic ones that can be paired with any outfit and are a go-to option. You can also choose wearing a lighter hijab shade with a dark coloured outfit and vice versa.

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The digital era has brought about many changes in our lives. Online purchasing has greatly simplified shopping. It allows users to browse a website, look for what they want, and purchase it from the convenience of their own home. Online shopping has indisputable advantages for hijab fashion users, like lower pricing and greater choice. There is nothing that you cannot discover online these days; be it groceries, shoes, clothing or even hijabs.

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