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Evening Dresses Dubai

When looking for an evening gown that pays admiration to the Dubai abaya, consider a noticeable balance between ultra-modern fashion trends and traditional accents. The ultimate objective is to create a look that honors the cultural inspiration, the occasion, and your elegance. Take pleasure in choosing an outfit that spotlights your beauty and self-assurance. Dubai is prominent for its splendid sense of style.

Bousni’s Best Selling Modest Evening Dresses

We have elegant designs to wear in your functions to enhance your look and make you more elegant so we brought the best evening dresses in Dubai for you. To make you look more modest we have designed it accordingly so that all your stylistic preferences come to reality.

Organza Double Layered Abaya

Here is a party-wear abaya to make you appear unique from others. It also suits a person's wish to look modest. This abaya features intricate design, bold color, and more elaborate fabric than everyday abayas. Grey-colored abaya with inner and a matching Shayla.

Beads Embellished Bisht Abaya

It’s an abaya that comes with fabric that looks luxuriously shiny. It’s a light and elegant abaya for your evening functions. Evening abayas are often made of luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin, or chiffon, and they may be adorned with intricate embroidery and beadwork. This abaya is black and fawn with beads on it and includes a matching shayla (scarf).

Bisht Style Velvet Farasha Abaya With Lace And Pearl Embellished

Black is as timeless as can be, and there is nothing more elegant. The minimalist vibe of this bisht-style abaya with a modest evening look can do the magic. The best way to style a black velvet abaya is to make sure that your abaya is impeccable and unblemished. It’s a front open velvet abaya with lace patches at the shoulder with a matching Shaila (scarf).

Umbrella-Style Abaya With Wide Sleeves

Stressing out what to wear to your evening function? no worries bousni got your back. Bousni has bought you an umbrella sleeves frock style abaya in a beige color to make you look more classy. It is made of high-quality Nada and is a must-have for your abaya collection.

Tie And Dye With Blue, Brown, And White Bisht Abaya With Inner

Choosing what to wear is easy 1-2-3 and Bousni has got the lowdown on the best way to style your evening party abayas. Tie and die collection was a long-standing traditional style. It is a simple white blue and brown tie and die abaya with inner and a matching Shayla.

3 Pieces Set Bisht Abaya With Shirt And Pleated Skirt

Bousni had bought you a trendy 3-layered abaya with a pleated skirt and a shirt. It is beautifully designed for your evening party looks. This abaya is made of polyester mix wide sleeves and a matching shayla. It is in rust color which makes you look so sophisticated and elegant.

Stylish Umbrella Abaya With Wide Sleeves

Here is the Hunter Green frock abaya which is stitched in an umbrella abaya shape this time with wide sleeves. This is the perfect choice for your evening parties. It is made up of high-quality Premium Nada.

Bisht Style Front Open Embroidered Abaya With Brown Trimmings

The abaya is a symbol of modesty, respect, and tradition. There is an abaya to every taste and we are presenting an abaya for your evening party taste with embroidered details on its front and back and a quality detachable belt.  It’s a Dark grey abaya on Tushi material.

Plain Bisht Abaya With Pleated Inner

For added style, Bousni bought you a  Plain Bisht abaya with pleated inner. This flared dress is stylish and comfortable for a party to enjoy. It keeps your unique personality and fashion sense. This is made of Premium Nada in Grey color with matching Shayla.

Stylish Embroidered Bisht Abaya

Looking for a perfect outfit for your evening party dress? consider this stylish embroidered abaya. A must-have abaya to your collection of party wear. Front open abaya with adorable look.

Button Embellished Embroidered Bisht Abaya With Embroidered Inner

An elegant embroidered abaya with an inner and button embellished on it which is the perfect outfit for according to your desires to look adorable and classy at any event. It’s a georgette stuff in Green color which makes you look more stunning.

Modern Style Applique Work Abaya

What is an abaya for evening wear? You can pick an abaya with embroidery and lace work. Remember, the key is to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. Modern-style applique work allows you to express your individuality while embracing traditional elements. Enjoy showcasing your unique and stylish abaya. It’s a beige color front open abaya with button closures.

Applique Style Abaya

An applique-style abaya is a beautiful and unique choice that can add intricate details and texture to your outfit. A-line cut abaya to enlighten your evening look. It makes you more adorable with an embossed print all over the abaya.

Embroidered Abaya

An embroidered abaya is a classic and elegant choice. Embroidery adds a touch of innovatory and entangled detail to the abaya and also your evening looks. This abaya comes in black cotton material with lined and matching Shayla(scarf).

Embroidered Bahraini Bisht Abaya

Abayas come in various designs, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Whether you prefer a classic black abaya, a contemporary design with embellishments, or a fusion of traditional and modern elements, will be perfect for your event. Our overall embroidered Bahraini bisht abaya will be the perfect choice for your collection.

Evening Dresses By Color

Green Elastic Pleated Inner With Pleated Sleeves Bisht Abaya

Here we again come up with a colorful range of abayas to make your evenings more joyful. Our Green bisht elastic pleated abaya with inner and pleated sleeves is the perfect choice to make your collection more colorful.

Plain Purple Bisht Abaya With Pleated Inner

A luxurious style abaya in purple is a must-try, we have brought you a mauve abaya with pleated inner. This stylish piece is made up of premium nada and is perfect for your modest evening dress.

Off-White Beads Embellished Bisht Abaya

A beads-embellished abaya can be a stunning and sophisticated choice, adding a touch of glamour and intricate detail to your abaya so we bought you an Off-white beads embellished bisht abaya. Quality beads and pearls are used to make it more elegant.

Embroidered Bisht Style Dual Shaded Abaya With Inner

Introducing you to a beautiful abaya in fawn and blue. It’s a good choice for your evening party dress. This is an elegant double-shaded embroidered abaya with fine-quality inner. High-quality silk is used to make this classy piece for your abaya collection. If you are looking for modesty it is the best choice for your desired look.


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