Colorful Abaya Designs

Colorful Abaya Designs

Abaya has a long-lived history of traditional Black. Likewise, as fashion opportunities open, we discover a gateway to unique styles in various colors to brighten your look. Ladies! It’s time to stand out in any color and enhance your modest outfits with a fusion of designs and vibrant colors.

Modern abayas in unique and appealing colors can make any occasion worthwhile. You should be no more worried about wearing monotonous abayas compromising your styling preferences. At Bousni, we cover you all. It integrates amazing designs, fabrics, and embellishments well with in-demand colors to make your abaya collection extra-ordinary.

Colorful Abaya Designs

We never neglect trendy fashion and so you shouldn’t too. Grab some amazing pieces of colorful abayas for a unique wardrobe. You can wear them on any occasion and climate depending on your specific needs as we have adequate choices for you.

Grey Color Abaya

If you are hunting for an elegant abaya in Grey color, consider having this. It is a self-printed bisht abaya with an inner dress. This abaya is made from high-quality Satin and comes with a matching Shayla.

Rust Color Abaya

Here we are again coming up with a bisht style abaya nut of this type in a Rust color. It is a 3-piece set that includes a shirt and skirt. This abaya is made from a Polyester mix and includes a matching Shayla. It is the epitome of modesty in style.

Red Color Abaya

A luxurious style abaya in Red is a must-try. We have brought you a red layered umbrella abaya. This stylish piece is made from chiffon and is a perfect fit for special occasions, especially weddings. It also includes a matching Shayla.

Green Color Abaya

We have got you another elegant abaya but in Green. It is a bisht style abaya with elastic pleated inner and pleated sleeves. It is a must-have for your closet made from Satin. A matching Shayla is included.

Brown Color Abaya

How about getting a beautiful lace embellished abaya in trendy brown? Here is a perfect choice for you. It is a Bahraini-style bisht abaya with embroidery. It is made from Harir hindi and comes with a matching Shayla.

Off-White Color Abaya

If you prefer light colors, then do give a try to this off-white abaya at Bousni. It is a bead-embellished bisht abaya with a graceful look. It is good for office use and comes with a matching Shayla. This masterpiece is made from a high-quality Polyester mix.

Pink Color Abaya

Who does not love Pink? Maybe every girl does. Bousni has catered to your girly choice and brought you an amazing bead embellished abaya in Pink. This abaya has open wide sleeves. It is made from Georgette and includes a matching Shayla. Must wear it for your office.

Light Blue Color Abaya

Here is a graceful bead embellished abaya in Light Blue. It is a simple yet stylish outfit made from Georgette. This abaya is a perfect fit for casual use. A matching Shayla is included.

Purple Color Abaya

Introducing you to a beautiful abaya in Purple. It is a good choice for formal wear. This is a bead embellished abaya with inner in an elegant color. High-quality Georgette is used to make this masterpiece. To complete the look, it comes with a matching Shayla.

Beige Color Abaya

We also offer abayas in Beige. Here is a bisht style abaya with beautiful beads embellishments, It includes an inner and a matching Shayla. This abaya is made from Georgette. You can wear it for any casual occasion or in your office.

Blue Color Abaya

Are you looking for something unique in Blue? If yes, then have a royal look with this abaya in Blue. It has an embossed print all over the abaya. It is a unique abaya encompassing all fashion needs. It is made from Polyester and comes with a coordinated Shayla.

Fawn Color Abaya

You can now add to your abaya collection an amazing masterpiece in Fawn. It has an open front and long wide sleeves. It includes an inner and matching Shayla. This abaya is made from georgette and is a good fit for office use.

White Color Abaya

A perfect abaya in White is here for your office use and casual wear. It has buttons embellished on the front. It is made from Zoon Crepe which keeps you comfortable all day long and brings style to you. A matching Shayla is also included.

Along with these colors, we are also offering unique abayas with a blend of colors. We have beautiful colorful abaya designs in a combination of red and white, 3 shades in one abaya, red and white, and many more. Explore all vibrant colors in our colored abayas category.


All the girls and fashion enthusiasts out there can now enjoy elegant abayas in varied colors. It's time to appear stylish in your favorite color or the one that suits you. If you prefer Black, Green, Blue, Red, or any other color that can enhance your beauty and outfit, you are at the right spot. We are providing sophisticated colorful Abayas which can make your day.

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