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Bead Abaya Designs | Beads Abaya Dubai

Dubai has always been a popular option for its varied opportunities and diverse culture. In a city where fashion meets elegance and modesty, Abaya stands out as a symbol of pride for many Muslims. It’s a piece of fabric that integrates numerous designs, colors, and embellishment options. When we hunt for the best options in this category, the beads abaya collection never stays behind. The city is enriched with appealing designs in top-notch quality fabric. 

The Beads Abaya Dubai has found its spot as a cherished expression of Emirati culture and fashion enthusiasts. It's an attire that goes beyond boundaries, appealing not only to the locals of Dubai but also to visitors. For all the ladies out there looking for modest yet stylish fashion, delving into the extraordinary options of fashion that Dubai brings to you is a must.

Beads Abaya Designs

Abaya is a traditional dress and a popular choice among Muslims all over the world. It comes in numerous styles and designs to integrate fashion with traditional and cultural values. Here are some of the best designs that you can find in Dubai and you can get them at your place by placing an order online.

Black Beads Embellished Abaya

Look no further for a perfect abaya for your closet, here is the one you might be looking for. This beautifully stitched abaya in Black is made solely to meet styling preferences by modesty. It is a black bead embellished abaya made from premium Nada. It's an elegant abaya that comes with a matching Shayla for an added style.

Chiffon Black Beads Embellished Abaya

To enjoy a timeless beauty in years to come, get yourself this one-of-a-kind masterpiece in Black. This beaded embellished abaya is produced from Chiffon making it a must-have in your wardrobe. It has high-quality beads embellished on it to create a stylish look. A matching Shayla is included to complete the look.

Premium Nada Black Beads Embellished Abaya

Are you hunting for a stylish abaya to add to your collection? Worry not, here is one. This stunning beads embellished abaya in Black made from Premium Nada might be all you are dreaming of having. It has beautiful and quality beads and pearls embellished that enhance the overall look of the outfit. In addition, it comes with a matching Shayla for added convenience.

Polyester Mix Black Beads Embellished Abaya

For every fashion-enthusiastic woman out there in Dubai, we bring you a unique and fashionable beaded embellished abaya made of Polyester Mix. It comes in all sizes and with matching Shayla. You can now enjoy any occasion and have ample adorable pictures. It is Black and gives a fine formal look too.

Polyester Mix Black Beads Embellished Abaya

In a fast-paced fashion trend, this handcrafted beads embellished abaya always comes to the forefront. It is made of a fine quality fabric called polyester mix in Black. It creates an adorable and elegant look making it appropriate for several occasions. It’s a must-have for your Abaya collection which also includes matching Shayla.

Georgette Black Beads Embellished Abaya

In your fashionable collection of Abayas, this bead abaya is a must. It has a luxurious look in Black with bead embellishments on the sleeves and side. This graceful masterpiece is made from Georgette making it perfect for any occasion. For added convenience, a matching Shaila is included.

Blue Georgette Beads Embellished Abaya

Introducing another elegant bead abaya for your closet that comes in Blue. Offering you a unique appearance and moving forward from the old traditional color. This simple yet elegant abaya is made up of Georgette and includes a matching Shayla.

Chiffon Latte Beads Embellished Abaya

Let’s dive into an amazing bead-embellished abaya that combines modesty and style. This is a stunning piece of fabric made of Chiffon in Latte making it appear unique. It is a trendy abaya with open wide sleeves. A matching Shayla is included.

Beads Embellished Abaya with Belt

This beads embellished abaya in Black is a perfect choice if you are wondering to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe. A premium Nidha is used in the making of this amazing piece. It includes a detachable belt and a matching Shayla to complete your elegant look.

British Linen Black Beads Embellished Abaya

Here is another bead work abaya with a front open design and buttons. It’s a must-have for your wardrobe stitched beautifully with British Linen material. It comes in Black with a matching Shayla.


Bridal Satin Beads Embellished Abaya

For added beauty in your look, consider having this beads embellished abaya in your wardrobe. The look is enhanced with intricate beading and detailed embroidery giving you a timeless look. The Bridal Satin used to create this amazing masterpiece is of high quality with fine stitching. It comes in Beige making it unique with a matching Shayla.

Polyester Mix Black Beads Embellished Abaya

It's time to occupy your closet with a stylish collection of Abaya. You should opt to wear this elegantly made bead Abaya in Dubai. It comes in Black and is made from a high-quality polyester mix. It also includes a matching Shayla.

Jacquard Black and Green Beads Embellished Abaya

To appear elegant and stylish at your workplace or a party at a friend’s house, consider adding this beautifully stitched abaya to your collection. It not only has beads embellishment but self-print too/ It’s a must-have for your wardrobe. For added style, it comes with a matching Shayla. This masterpiece is made from Jacquard in Black and Green.

Fendi Organza Beads Embellished Abaya

To make your collection elegant and stylish, add this Black Fendi organza beads embellished abaya. It is simple but creates a luxurious look. The fabric used is of high quality and it also comes with a coordinating Shayla.

Georgette Grey Beads embellished Abaya

Here comes a beautiful and stylish abaya design that you may like. It is grey and has a fantastic look with beads finely embellished and wide open sleeves. The abaya comes with a matching Shayla, letting you enjoy modesty and fashion at the same time. This stunning piece is made from high-quality Georgette that ensures comfort.

Georgette Pink Beads Embellished Abaya

For a beautiful addition to your collection, consider this elegant abaya with bead embellishments. It has wide open sleeves and a front open with buttons. It comes in a Pink color and a matching Shayla. This abaya is made from Georgette.

Bridal Satin Beads Embellished Abaya

It’s a beautifully stitched bead embellishment abaya that comes in Black and Golden. It is made from high-quality Bridal Satin. It has a glossy surface that gives a feel of luxury. A matching Shayla is included.

Georgette Beads Embellished Abaya

An elegant abaya with bead embellishment in front. It has open wide sleeves and comes in pink and Black. This abaya is a great choice for office use and includes a matching Shayla to complete the look. It is made from Georgette.

Beads Abaya Designs by Colors

Dubai brings you the trendy Beads Abaya in various colors so can always opt for what fits you best. You can choose among your favorite colors from some popular ones.

Black Beads Abaya

Let's jump into the world of fashion with this amazing black beads Abaya. It has beads and pearls embellished on its sleeves making it unique and extra stylish. You can always enjoy your special days with this masterpiece made of Satin. It comes in Black and includes a matching Shayla.

Beige Beads Abaya

Are you searching for a modest but stylish addition to your wardrobe? Consider this beige bead-embellished abaya that comes in beige. It is made from a polyester mix and high-quality beads. It’s a good fit for casual outings due to its simple and modern look. It also includes a matching Shayla.

Pink Beads Abaya

No matter if it's your special day or you are just wondering how to add a stylish touch to your everyday look, this pink beaded abaya can be a great choice. It is made from Georgette making it the perfect choice for the office. It comes with finely stitched wide umbrella sleeves and matching Shayla.

Silver-Grey Abaya

If you are in search of an elegant abaya for your collection, look into this beautifully stitched silver grey abaya and fine-quality bead embellishment. This is a perfect addition to your wardrobe in a silver-grey color with a simple design. It is made up of a high-quality polyester mix and includes a matching Shayla.


Ladies, never let anything come your way to fashion. No matter if you are planning to go out with a friend, have an upcoming family gathering, or have an interview scheduled, you can always wear these stylish abayas embellished with beads. It lets you create an elegant look, enjoy every moment of pride, and celebrate your style. It’s time to feel confident in your abaya with beads.  



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