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Top 28 Stylish Simple Abaya Designs

The history of Abaya dates back to 4000 years as per the Mesopotamian civilization. According to modern historians, it was introduced by Arabs 80 years ago. It is a kind of gown, most often in black color, used to cover full body to maintain modesty, respect and to follow Islamic dressing.

These days women prefer stylish simple abaya designs as they are chic. Simple abaya designs are easy to carry and can be worn as a modest yet stylish piece of clothing. Modern abaya designs are so stylish and elegant that women from various cultures like to wear them. It is now no longer limited to the Arabian region. Still, it has expanded its use both in eastern and western countries.

Stylish Simple Abaya Designs by Bousni

Abayas in the modern world are more than just black robes. Modern-day abaya designs are not only trendy but also elegant and stylish. Contemporary ladies want abaya designs that are good for maintaining modesty with style. Bousni offers various simple and stylish designs suitable for all looks, such as everyday at-home look, office look or formal look and any occasion, such as holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, conferences, work and religious events.

Bousni has released their latest abaya designs this winter to help you find the best Abaya suitable for you. The material for the latest collection includes premium quality Velvet, suede, silk, georgette, jacquard, organza, tweed and bridal satin. These designs are achieved using fine quality and hand-crafted beads, laces and applique. Some of the designs are simple giving you a graceful look. The colors of the latest collection include Amethyst, green, purple, pink, blue, latte, grey, white, black and gold.

Top stylish simple designs by Bousni latest collection are front open farasha style abaya, bisht, Tie & dye bahrini bisht, Kaftan style, coat collar with bishop sleeves style, double layered, self-print, applique style, coat style abaya with pockets, Overcoat Style 3-pieces Abaya, Frauk Style Abaya, Floral Applique Style Abaya, flared style abaya and other styles with quilted pearls embellishment, button embellishment, beads embellished, floral patch on sleeves.

Modern Coat Style Bisht

One of the modern day simple abaya designs include a bisht. A bisht is a type of Abaya worn as a coat. It is usually styled with a scarf, also known as Shayla.

bisht coat

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Handcrafted beads embellished Abaya

The new winter collection brings simple new designs. There are various simple designs even for those who like handcrafted abayas. Handcrafted abayas are embellished with beads and organza appliques. It is made of premium nada and organza fabric. Organza is used for applique work. Hand-crafted beads are the adornment that makes this Abaya unique. It is available in black color with a Shayla.

Beads Abaya

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Kaftan Embroided Abaya

Abaya available in Kaftan style are usually loose and comes with a matching Shayla. It is embroidered to give it an embellished look. Kaftan embroidered abayas are suitable for all occasions. These abayas are available in polyester blend fabric.

Kaftan Abaya

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Collar Embellished Abaya

Abaya embellished with a coat collar and bishop sleeves is a perfect choice for office use. The fabric used is Jacquard. 

collar abaya

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Collar Style Beads Embellished Collared Abaya

Embellished collared Abaya is one of the latest winter collection. The Abaya is designed with big collared and embellished beads and is available in black color and sewn out of polyester fabric.

collar abaya

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Coat Collared Self-printed Bisht Abaya

Bisht abayas are also available in coat styles to give a stunning look. These bisht abayas are hemmed in jacquard material in black and beige self-print. This coat style bisht abaya is perfect for all occasions.


coat style abaya

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Beads Embellished Silk Abaya

Simple stylish Abaya designs also include Abayas made of silk. These Abayas are open front, long wide sleeves and collar beads embellished. These are available in black color with a matching Shayla. It is a simple, stylish design that pulls off an elegant look. The design is suitable for all occasions.

silk abaya

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Jacquard Self-print Abaya

A self-print abaya is a must-have for you if you like simple abaya designs. The classy look of the Abaya makes it appropriate attire for a workplace. You can buy it with a matching Shayla. It is tailored in dark brown and black with big beads in the front. The fabric used is Jacquard.


Jacquard  Abaya

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Organza Double Layered Abaya

Organza double layered abaya is a unique design with a matching scarf and inner dress. The flowy look of organza makes it a perfect choice for party occasions. The Abaya is available in black color stitched in organza fabric. 


Organza Abaya

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Jacquard Butcher Sleeves Bisht

Butcher sleeves bisht is another design for you if you like bisht abayas. It is an exclusive choice for maintaining your modesty with fashion and is available with an inner and a matching Shayla. The colors selected for this design are high-end fashion colors, i.e. black and gold. The fabric used to stitch this Abaya is jacquard.


Jacquard Bisht

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Coat Style Abaya with Pockets

Coat style abaya is designed with front pockets. It looks like a luxury coat. The fabric used for designing this Abaya is tweed and bridal satin. The Abaya is available in gold color, giving you a modern styling feel with a matching Shayla.


Coat Style Abaya with Pockets

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Pistachio Overcoat Style 3-pieces Abaya

The latest winter collection also offers abaya designs that are modest and the right choice for work and travel purposes. Overcoat Style abaya is available in 3-pieces including a shirt and skirt. It is made of Pistachio Green cotton fabric. A modest and professional look is achieved with a matching Shayla(Scarf). 


Pistachio Abaya

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Quilted Pearls Embellished Abaya with Inner

Quilted pearls embellished Abaya is a must-have item for chilly winters. The Abaya comes with an inner and matching scarf giving a cosy look and feel. It is available in Navy blue color and the fabric used is polyester. You can wear it on all occasions.

Quilted Pearls Abaya

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Floral Patched Velvet Abaya

Floral patched velvet abaya is a simple and stylish design for the winter season. It is stitched in 100% Velvet, giving you an elegant look. The design is simple with a floral patch on the sleeves of this Abaya and is available in royal blue with a matching scarf.


Velvet Abaya

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Button Embellished Suede Abaya

It is one of the most simple abaya designs with an open front with button embellishments. The design is perfect for a simple and comfortable look. It is available in dusty pink color. It is made of polyester blend fabric and is styled with a matching Shayla.


Suede Abaya

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Double Layered Chiffon Abaya

This Abaya must be your favourite pick if you are a Chiffon lover. The Abaya is embellished with beads on the front, back and sleeves. Sleeves have a bell bottom cut. The Abaya has a beautiful, elegant, simple look with a matching scarf.


Chiffon Abaya

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Ironed Sequin Embellished Abaya

Iron Sequin Abaya is adorned with delicate iron sequin on both sides of the Abaya. The Abaya has an elegant look with lantern sleeves and a matching Shayla. The Abaya is made of self-printed jacquard fabric. Iron sequin embellished Abaya is available in black color only.


Ironed Sequin Abaya

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Lace Embellished Abaya

The Abaya is designed with premium nada fabric with a matching shayla scarf. The flared look of the Abaya makes it simple yet modern in style. The Abaya is adorned with laces on the front, sleeves and backside of the Abaya. It is available in black color.


Lace Abaya

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Embroidered Details Abaya

This Abaya is made of premium nada fabric with embroidery details on front, back and sleeves of the Abaya. It is available in black color with matching Shayla. This Abaya gives you a modest, simple and stylish look.


Embroidered Abaya

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Frock Style Abaya

This is a Frock-style abaya with an A-line cut. It is made of premium nada fabric in black color. You can buy it with a matching Shayla. It is a must-have Abaya for your exclusive winter collection.

Frock Style Abaya

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Beads Embellished Flared Abaya

The Abaya has a flared cut and is adorned with fine-quality pearls and beads. It is made of fine quality premium nada fabric in black color and available with a matching Shayla. It gives you a sophisticated look.


Flared Abaya

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Beads Embellished Abaya with Pockets

This Abaya has a unique look with front pockets. It is adorned with beads on the front pockets. It is designed with great care using polyester blend fabric in black color. The overall look of the Abaya is elegantly giving you a simple look. It is a must-have piece for your winter collection.


Abaya with Pockets

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Floral Applique Style Abaya

It is a stylish abaya with beads adornment and floral applique details. A matching Shayla (scarf) is included. The material used for making this Abaya is a polyester blend. The Abaya is exclusively available in black color. 


Applique Style Abaya

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Applique Style Abaya

This applique-style Abaya has an embossed print all over it with an A-line cut that gives you a graceful look. The Abaya is a suitable choice for all occasions. It is available in black color with a matching scarf. The material used is organza and premium nada.

Applique Style Abaya

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Embroidered with Beads Embellishment Abaya

This Abaya is made of fine-quality fabric and embellished with beads and embroidery. The Abaya is available in black color. You can order it with a matching scarf. It is a must-have if you want a simple and beautiful look.


Embroidered with Beads Abaya

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Beaded Lace Embellished Abaya

This Abaya gives you a royal yet simple look with an A-line cut and shiny beads. The Abaya is embellished with embroidered lace with ironed sequins on it. The Abaya is the perfect attire for all occasions. It is made of premium nada fabric with a matching Shayla(scarf).


Beaded Lace abaya

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Delicate Beads Embellished Abaya

This Abaya gives you a simple and stylish look with its delicate adornment. This Abaya is embellished with delicate beads on the front and sides. If you prefer an elegant, simple and elegant look, this design is for you. It is available in black color with a matching Shayla (scarf).


Delicate Beads abaya

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Plain Self-printed Abaya

This is a must have abaya design for your everyday wear. You can order it in black with a matching Shayla (scarf). The material used is a Polyester blend. 


Plain Abaya

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Buy Top Stylish Simple Abaya Designs with Bousni

You can buy these simple and stylish abaya designs by placing your order with Bousni. These abayas are available in all kinds of fabric ranging from Polyester, Chiffon, Organza, premium Nada, Jacquard, velvet, cotton, silk, tweed and bridal satin, suitable for different looks and occasions. Abayas from the latest winter collection are available in different colors such as Black, blue, pistachio, dusty pink, gold, white and beige. All these abayas are available with a matching Shayla (scarf). Some designs are available with inner and some are available in three piece i.e. Shirt, skirt and Abaya. You must check out Bousni's latest collection.

Bousni is a one-stop outlet for you as it offers a range of looks. There are abayas perfect for everyday, office, airport, and even bridal looks. You can get your orders within 3 to 4 days for local (UAE) orders and within 7 to 10 days for international orders. All you need to do is select the abaya design and add it to the cart. You must remember to share the required details to complete your order.

Bousni is a modern-day ladies' fashion brand. They excel in providing their customers with high-end abaya designs with the best quality fabric, beads and other materials. They are considered industry experts regarding fashionable colors, cuts, fabric, texture and embellishment for Abaya and hijab.

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